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Dead Space Remake: How to Lift the Lockdown in Chapter 5

Here is a quick guide on how to lift the lockdown in Chapter 5.




Dead Space Remake How to Lift the Lockdown in Chapter 5

In Chapter 5 of Dead Space Remake, you will meet Dr. Mercer, and the story surrounding the USG Ishimura starts to unravel as you begin to learn more about what happened in the space station.

One of the objectives in Chapter 5 is to lift the lockdown in order to proceed.

The lockdown prevents you from moving forward, so you must lift it first before you can head over to the next objective.

If you are having trouble getting past it, here is a quick guide for you!

Lift the Lockdown

Lift the Lockdown

Source: Gamerpillar

You will be tasked with lifting the lockdown after you have escaped the creature, you must:

  • Go straight through the door that is to the right of the medical tram station
  • Go into the Ishimura clinic
  • Turn right and go into the emergency room
  • Turn left and make your way to the battery
  • Pick up the battery with kinesis
  • Put the battery into the power source in the door in front of you,
  • Head into the door you just unlocked by powering it on (ER Hallway A)
Lift the Lockdown 1

Source: Gamerpillar

  • Turn to the right and make your way down the hall
  • Turn right again and continue to make your way through the hallway until you reach the Intensive Care Unit
  • Go through the door and head right to the door marked Morgue
  • Before entering the morgue, turn right and go into Dr. Mercer’s office.
  • Turn left and you will find a console to lift the lockdown.

And there you have it! You have lifted the lockdown and can now go on to the next section of the chapter.

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