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Dead Space Remake: How to Get the Stasis Module

Make sure to grab this extremely vital tool in Dead Space Remake.




How to Get the Stasis Module in Dead Space Remake

The Stasis Module is a vital tool of Isaac’s arsenal in Dead Space Remake, just like it was in the original Dead Space.

Much like in the original, the Stasis Module allows Isaac to freeze enemies in combat, but it’s also used in puzzles and as part of traversal at times.

Due to its importance, the Stasis Module is a mandatory item to get into the game. We’ll tell you where to find it.

How to Get the Stasis Module in Dead Space Remake

The Stasis Module is obtained pretty early on in the game, as you get it during the natural progression of Chapter 1.

Right after you land on the USG Ishimura, progress through the story until you’re taken to the Central Room. A cutscene of Isaac conversing with his crewmates will start.

head outside

As soon as the cutscene ends, head outside of the Central Room towards the Tram Tunnel. You’ll hear some slamming noises, as a door has gone haywire.

Go down the ramp and turn around to head towards the malfunctioning door. You’ll notice a glowing blue orb. That’s the Stasis Module, laying on the ground near a corpse in front of the door.

Go down

Go ahead and grab it. A short cutscene will play where Isaac installs the module on his RIG. You can now use Isaac’s Stasis powers. In fact, you’ll need to use it on the malfunctioning door to be able to pass through.

While the Stasis Module doesn’t necessarily require ammunition, its usage is still limited. You’ll need energy for it, which is shown on the back of Isaac’s suit along with his health.

You can recharge Stasis at designated Stasis recharge stations across the USG Ishimura.

Being a survival horror game, resource management is important.

Make sure to not overuse the Stasis Module unnecessarily. Save it for when you truly need it in combat. As it can freeze necromorphs temporarily, it can give you extra breathing room on a whim.

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