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Dead Space Remake: How to Get the Plasma Cutter Weapon

The legendary Plasma Cutter returns in Dead Space Remake




Dead Space Remake How to Get the Plasma Cutter Weapon

Dead Space wouldn’t be Dead Space without the iconic Plasma Cutter. Along with Isaac’s RIG armor suit, the Plasma Cutter is one of those things that just give Dead Space its unique identity amongst survival horror games.

So, to no one’s surprise, the Plasma Cutter returns in the Dead Space Remake and it’s as powerful as always. Read on to find where to get it.

How to Get the Plasma Cutter Weapon in Dead Space Remake

The Plasma Cutter, being the basic primary weapon in the game, is obtained extremely early into Chapter 1.

How to Get the Plasma Cutter Weapon in Dead Space Remake

Shortly after starting the game properly and taking an elevator down, you’ll come into a large room. A nearby crew member will be sobbing and asking for help. Right in front of you should be a locked door.

While facing the locked door, look towards your left to the more lit part of the room. You’ll notice a shining yellow light orb on a desk. Approach it and interact with it and a short cutscene will play as you get the Plasma Cutter.

short cutscene

That’s really it, you’ve got the game’s first weapon! Despite being the basic starting weapon, the Plasma Cutter is as powerful as it is iconic. It can carry you through most of the game if you consistently upgrade it. Don’t neglect it and it will serve you well.

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