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Dead Space Remake: How to Get Hand Cannon & Burnished Suit

A guide on how to get the hand cannon and burnished suit.

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Dead Space Remake How to Get Hand Cannon Burnished Suit

The Dead Space series is a classic game that has now resurged through its remake.

Long-time fans of this game are loving the remake because of its significant improvement in its aesthetics and details. Along with that are hidden items to unlock when finishing specific difficulties.

One particular detail that players are trying to find is the Hand Cannon and the Burnished Suit. Don’t worry, as this guide will teach you how to get them.

How to Get Hand Cannon & Burnished Suit

How to Get Hand Cannon Burnished Suit

Source: Ben-Gun

Firstly, the appearance of the Burnished Suit looks straight out of a 90s science fiction Film. It is mostly a titanium suit with countless handles all over it.

The helmet also looks like it’s made out of titanium with a few red details on the interior. Behind the suit is a health indicator with a tube that resembles a spine.

Meanwhile, the Hand Cannon has a comedic look contrary to the Burnished Suit. It is basically just a giant glove from a sports stadium.

It makes unique sounds from your character when you shoot it.

Unlocking the Two Items

Unlocking the Two Items

Source: Ben-Gun

Unfortunately, there is no secret area for you to find them or a code that you need to enter.

The only way that you can unlock the Hand Cannon and Burnished Suit is by completing the game on impossible difficulty.

Unlike other games, Dead Space Remake allows players to focus on gameplay mechanics by incentivizing players to defeat their game in its most difficult category by rewarding them with prizes.

After accomplishing this daunting task, you will have these items as your rewards as soon as you log in.

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