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Dead Space Remake: How to Get a Secret Ending

Learn how to get the new alternate ending added to the Dead Space Remake.




Dead Space Remake How to Get a Secret Ending

Dead Space Remake, while being a fairly straightforward remake most of the time, doesn’t pull its punches when it comes to adding or changing some content.

Perhaps the biggest new addition to the game is the new alternate ending.

We won’t go into details on what the new ending entails, but it’s no doubt interesting that they added a new ending to the game in the remake.

What we will go into detail about is how you can unlock the alternate ending for yourself.

How to Get a Secret Ending in Dead Space Remake

Before we begin, you need to be in New Game+ to be able to get the Marker Fragments for the alternate ending. These collectibles don’t appear in the first playthrough.

There are a total of 12 Marker Fragments in the game. There’s one in most chapters. Chapters 9 and 12 don’t have any fragments, but chapters 5 and 10 both have two fragments each to compensate.

How to Get a Secret Ending in Dead Space Remake

You can check which fragments you have within the Key Item section of your inventory. Each fragment has a unique description based on where you found it.

With that said, let’s go over the Marker Fragment locations per chapter.

Chapter 1

When the “Find the Data Board” objective becomes available, choose to track it. Follow the navigation line towards the Maintenance Bay.

When you reach the Maintenance Bay, head up the elevator and use the circuit breaker. You’ll need to reroute power to the Maintenance Room.

When you’ve done this, look for the Maintenance Bay Office room on your map, somewhere in the bottom-right corner. Head in but don’t collect the Data Board just yet.

Chapter 1

Instead, turn to your right to spot a purple glowing object resembling a tentacle on a shelf. That’s the first Marker Fragment. Hit the shelf with a melee attack to be able to grab it.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The second Marker Fragment is found when you’re completing the “Find a Shock Pod” objective, in the office of Dr. T. Kyne. This room shows on the map as “Dr. T. Kyne – CSO”.

To find the fragment in this room, you’ll need to use your Kinesis ability on the bookcase. Slide the bookcase to the side to find a secret room with the fragment.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The third Marker Fragment is found when doing the “Manually Ignite the Engines” objective. When you reach the Engine Room on the Engineering Deck, look for a spot tagged as Power Sub-Station 003.

Chapter 3 1

While facing the Power Sub-Station 003, look to the left. The Fragment is hidden in the dark, in a gap between some creates near the large pipe.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The objective that leads to the fourth marker is “Reroute Power from Electrical Systems”.

As you follow the path traced by the line on your map, you’ll eventually take an elevator to floor 3 of the Bridge. Once here, open your map and look for the Break Room. It should be the lone small room at the south of the map.

Head to the Break Room to find the Marker Fragment laying on the floor.

Chapter 5

This chapter has two different fragments.

The first fragment in this chapter is found when tasked with the “Lift the Lockdown” objective. Simply follow the objective tracker to a small office tagged as “Dr. C. Mercer – 2SO” on your map. The fragment is on the desk.

Chapter 5

The second fragment in this chapter is during the “Acquire the Liquid Nitrogen” objective.

This Marker is in the Cryogenics room where you faced Mercer’s Hunter during your first playthrough. This fragment sits on top of the cryogenic chamber in the middle of the room.

You can’t reach it, so use Kinesis to pull it towards you. You can get the fragment either before or after the fight with the Hunter.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The seventh fragment is found while completing the “Inject Wheezer 06” and “Inject Wheezer 07” objectives.

Right after you deal with Wheezer 06 and you get the objective to Inject Wheezer 07, you should be in the East Grow Chamber with the gravity turned off.

The fragment is found in one of the upper corners, surrounded by some blobs.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The eight fragment is found during the “Find the SOS Beacon”, but you’ll need to complete the “Find the Admin RIG” objective first.

After you get the Admin RIG and have Security Clearance Level 3, head over to the Mineral Samples room while in the Mineral Processing Area.

The fragment rests on a shelf in this room.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The ninth fragment can be found in the Comms Array, which you have to head to as part of the “Fix the Comms Array” objective.

If you face the Communication Control screen and look to the left, you should notice the fragment is in a corruption-covered nook.

Chapter 10

Like Chapter 5, this chapter features two different Marker Fragments.

Chapter 10

The first fragment in this chapter is found when you’re tasked with destroying the second tendril, giving you the “Destroy Tendril in Deluxe Quarters” objective.

First, head to the Deluxe Quiet Bunks to grab a power source, which you’ll need to bring to the nearby circuit board.

Once the power is turned back on, head back through the Deluxe Quarters towards a room called the Deluxe Shift Bunks. The fragment is sitting on a desk near some scribbles.

The second fragment of this chapter is found when destroying the fourth tendril, with the objective reading “Destroy Tendril in Chief Steward’s Office”.

Simply follow the objective tracker for this one. The fragment is sitting on a desk in the Chief Steward’s office. This is the same room where the fourth tendril is.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

At long last, this chapter is where you find the twelfth and final Marker Fragment.

When you’re given the “Engage the Cargo Crane” objective, head towards the south-eastern corner of the Cargo Bay. The fragment is just sitting on a shelf here.

With the twelve Marker Fragments in your possession, you can now unlock the secret alternate ending of Dead Space Remake. But there’s still one thing left to do, so don’t just continue the story normally yet.

Instead, read on to learn the final step.

What to Do With the Marker Fragments

What to Do With the Marker Fragments

With every Marker Fragment in your possession, you’ll have to head back to the Crew Deck and toward the Executive Quarters.

Look at your map and locate a room labeled “Lt Commander V. Holt”. That’s your goal, so make your way there.

When you reach this room, you’ll see a table resembling an altar. There are twelve clumps of what appear to be wax. Place the Marker Fragments in them. You’ll hear a line of dialogue confirming you did everything right.

Now all you need to do is finish the game normally to witness the alternate ending to Dead Space Remake. We won’t spoil it for you here!

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