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Dead Space Remake: How to Find the Hydrazine Tank| Mission Guide

Let’s go over every step required to complete this objective.




Dead Space Remake How to Find the Hydrazine Tank Mission Guide 1

As part of Chapter 2 of Dead Space Remake, players will require to complete a pair of objectives to destroy a barricade.

One of these objectives is to find the hydrazine tank, which we will cover in this guide. The other objective is to find the shock pad.

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can find the hydrazine tank.

How to Find the Hydrazine Tank in Dead Space Remake

“Find the Hydrazine Tank” is one of the two objectives that you get right after the “Retrieve the Captain’s RIG” objective. The other objective you get at the same time is to “Find a Shock Pad”.

How to Find the Hydrazine Tank in Dead Space Remake 4

To start off, you’ll want to head towards the Image Diagnostics room. You’ll eventually run into a large object blocking your path. You can slide to the side with your Kinesis ability.

After clearing the obstruction, you’ll enter a room with an inoperative circuit breaker. To your left, you’ll find a Power Cell which you can carry with Kinesis. Grab it and put it inside the large red slot next to the circuit breaker.

Interact with the circuit breaker and turn on the power to the elevators. Ride up the elevator and turn around.

How to Find the Hydrazine Tank in Dead Space Remake 5

You’ll notice there’s a gap that doesn’t let you reach the other balcony. To reach it, grab the nearby large object with Kinesis and slide it into the gap, allowing you to use it as a platform.

Keep following the tracked path until you eventually reach a vacuum. Try to move fast in this section, as you have a limited amount of oxygen.

Your remaining oxygen is shown in seconds on Isaac’s back. Move through the only path available.

How to Find the Hydrazine Tank in Dead Space Remake 6

Eventually, you’ll reach the first zero-G, or zero gravity, room in the game. Press the button on the prompt to take off and make your way to the other end of the large room.

You’ll land right outside the Zero-G Therapy Maintenance room, where you’ll find a small Hydrazine Canister on top of one of the desks. Grab it to complete this objective.

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