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Dead Space Remake: How to Find the Captain’s Body | Mission Guide

A short guide on how to complete this Chapter 2 objective.




Dead Space Remake How to Find the Captains Body Mission Guide

At one point in Dead Space Remake’s chapter 2, you will be tasked to “find the captain’s body” as an objective.

In this short guide, we’ll go over every step you should follow to complete it.

How to Find the Captain’s Body in Dead Space Remake

“Find the Captain’s Body” is the objective that you get right after completing “Destroy the Barricade”.

How to Find the Captains Body in Dead Space Remake

The path will first lead you toward an Emergency Room. In this room, you’ll have to locate a circuit breaker and turn every fuse off. This will make the Power Cell pop out.

With your Kinesis ability, grab and carry the Power Cell toward the red slot which should be on the opposite end of the room. This will open up ER Hallway A.

Enter ER Hallway A and take the path to your right. A small necromorph will appear and walk towards your right down the corridor. Follow it and another necromorph’ll ambush you.

Take out the necromorphs and proceed to ER Hallway B.

Eventually, you will reach the Intensive Care Unit where a scene is playing out. Watch the events play out and then take the door to your right which leads to the Morgue.

How to Find the Captains Body in Dead Space Remake 1

You’ll briefly enter a vacuum. As soon as you exit the vacuum, look to your left to grab another Power Cell with Kinesis. Place it in the red slot ahead of you to power up the elevator leading to the Morgue.

When you’ve finally reached the Morgue, you merely have to head towards the Autopsy Room and watch the cutscene to complete the objective.

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