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Dead Space Remake: How to Calibrate ADS Cannons

Fend off the asteroid threat with the help of this quick and easy guide.




Dead Space Remake How to Calibrate ADS Cannons

While Dead Space Remake is a fairly faithful remake, it does throw some curveballs at its players. This new segment of the game is a perfect example.

As part of Chapter 4, you will have to go outside the ship.

Thrown in zero-G into the darkness of space, Isaac has to manage his oxygen levels as he calibrates the ADS Cannons to fend off incoming asteroids.

But how exactly do you calibrate the ADS Cannons? Let’s find out.

How to Calibrate ADS Cannons in Dead Space Remake

How to Calibrate ADS Cannons in Dead Space Remake

To complete this part of the game, you’ll need to calibrate a total of 3 ADS Cannons.

You’ll want to be fast, as you have limited oxygen and need to completely calibrate cannons before the hull integrity drops to 0.

The first thing to keep in mind about your oxygen is that there are oxygen tanks on the walls of this segment. Approach them to recharge your oxygen.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that necromorphs appear to attack you. While there are only a few weak necromorphs, don’t ignore them as they can take you out with ranged attacks.

Manage your oxygen and the necromorph threat as you calibrate the cannons.

On to the cannons. There are 3 cannons, as mentioned previously. The first one is close to your left. The next one is further and on the right. Finally, the last one is even further ahead on the left again.

Approach the cannons from behind to start the calibration process.

How to Calibrate ADS Cannons in Dead Space Remake 1

Now, you’ll have to aim toward any asteroids coming toward the ship. Press X (PS5) or A (Xbox) to tell the cannon to shoot the asteroid.

Keep in mind the cannon’s bullets aren’t instant, so you might want to lead your targets while aiming.

When you successfully land a cannon shot on an asteroid, the calibration bar will increase. Get to 100% and the cannon’s automatic targeting system will be fully calibrated.

Now you have to repeat the process for the other 2 cannons while fending off necromorphs and keeping your oxygen topped up.

Once you’re done, Hammond will tell you to head back inside. Return from where you came to complete the segment.

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