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Dead Space Remake: All Collectible Locations in Chapter 1

Go to these locations to find all the collectibles in Chapter 1.

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Dead Space Remake All Collectible Locations in Chapter 1

There are collectibles scattered around each Chapter in Dead Space Remake, and if you want to get one of the achievements, you will have to obtain all of them.

Chapter 1 has 16 Logs and 5 nodes to collect, and we will show you where to find them.

Chapter 1 All Collectible Locations

Chapter 1 All Collectible Locations

Source: RoadblockersLP

To learn what happened to the USG Ishimura, you must collect Logs. Logs provide a brief background of the events that unfolded on the ship.

They also needed to be collected to complete the Achievements, StoryTeller and Legend Teller, giving you a Bronze Trophy.

You also find Nodes that you can use to upgrade your weapons by boosting their stats and power. Without further ado, here are the locations of all collectibles in the game:

Log 1 – Background Reset

Log 1 Background Reset 1

Source: RoadblockersLP

After obtaining control of the main character, Isaac, go to the room on the right to find Log 1.

Log 2 – Sponsored Article: The USG Ishimura

Log 2 Sponsored Article The USG Ishimura

Source: RoadblockersLP

After reaching the USG Ishimura, you will find Log 2 inside Flight Lounge on the left. It is in front of the screen that has a Welcome Aboard! Sign.

Log 4 – Send Help

Log 4 Send Help

Source: PowerPyx

After you defeat your first Necromorph, go through the hallway, then take a right. Open the next door to find the Log on the Security Phone in front of you.

Log 6 – Stasis Door

Log 6 Stasis Door

Upon collecting the Stasis Module, do not use Stasis on the door. Stand in front of the door for 30 seconds and wait until Daniels calls you to obtain the Log.

Node 1

Node 1

You will find a Node once you enter the Tram Repair Room. It is on a wall on the right where you enter.

Log 8 – Stasis Module Request

Log 8 Stasis Module Request

It is in front of Node 1, on the top of a table.

Log 9 – Autoloader

Log 9 Autoloader

Attach the left claw to the Tram, then attempt to connect the right claw a few times without using Stasis. Once Daniels calls you to give you a hint, you will obtain the Log.

Node 2

Node 2

From the Tram Control Room, go through the door that has “Cargo and Baggage Hall.” Interact with the Circuit Breaker to open the Cargo Hall Storage room door.

Go inside the room to find the Node in the wall.

Log 11 – Repair Invoice

Log 11 Repair Invoice

Before rerouting power to the Maintenance Bay, use the cargo lift to go up. You will find Log 11 on a chair near the circuit breaker.

Node 3

Node 3

After rerouting power to the Maintenance Bay using the circuit breaker, go back to the cargo lift to go down. Go inside the Maintenance Bay Office to find the third Node.

Log 12 – Poker Invitation

Log 12 Poker Invitation

In the same room of the third Node, you will find Log 12 on a shelf close to it.

Node 4

Node 4

The fourth Node is in the supply room after using the elevator to go up.

The other logs are automatically obtained as you progress through Chapter 1. As for the fifth Node, you need to have Security Clearance Level 1 to open the door leading to it.

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