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Dead Space: How to Solve the Gravity Rings Puzzle

Stuck at this level? Here’s a guide for you.




Dead Space How to Solve the Gravity Rings Puzzle

Aside from the science fiction horror genre of the game, another thing that is scary in playing Dead Space is the puzzles.

To be fair, the puzzles in Dead Space are not just the simple ones that you can swiftly finish in one action.

One of the trickiest puzzles that slow down the progress of most players is the Gravity Rings Puzzle. Here’s how you can solve it.

How to Solve the Gravity Rings Puzzle

How to Solve the Gravity Rings Puzzle

Source: Savage Slayer

Upon arriving in this room called the Gravity Room, you will immediately see the three rings wildly rotating in the middle of the room.

The first thing you have to do is remove the casing of the console. Before you even do something, use stasis on the rings.

Now, interact with the console to activate the magnetic restraints.

How to Solve the Gravity Rings Puzzle 1

Source: Savage Slayer

Once the magnetic restraints are ready, use stasis on the rings and use kinesis on the restraints to pull them down. Align it with the outmost ring first.

Remember that each ring needs two magnetic restraints.

After you do it with the biggest ring, do the same process with the middle ring until you reach the innermost ring.

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