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Dead Space: How to Manually Ignite the Engines

Here is a quick guide to show you how to reignite the engines in Chapter 3.




Dead Space How to Manually Ignite the Engines

In Chapter 3 of Dead Space Remake, you will be tasked with reigniting the engines manually.

It can be a little unclear on how to reignite the engines, which could cause some confusion and aimless wandering.

Luckily, we have created a quick guide that to will show you exactly how to reignite the engines, so you can continue your journey.

How to Manually Ignite the Engines

How to Manually Ignite the Engines

Source: Game Guides Channel

Like most objectives in the game, you can use your built-in navigation system as a guide to direct you to the next part of the mission.

Once you have reached the engine room, you can use the blue navigation line, where things will become more straightforward.

To ignite the engines you must:

Locate Power Sub-Station 03

When standing at the entrance of the engine room, go straight forward. After making your way to the back of the room, you will find the power substation to the left.

Go Up the Stairs

When facing the substation, turn around in order to see a set of stairs. Go up the stairs where you will find a battery you can use as a power source.

How to Manually Ignite the Engines 1

Source: Game Guides Channel

Restore the Power

Pick up the power source using kinesis and return it to power substation 03. Insert the power source into the substation after that.

This will then restore the power to the engines!

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