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Dave the Diver: How to Pour Beer | Beer Mini Game

Pouring Beer is part of the sushi segment of Dave the Diver

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Dave the Diver How to Pour Beer Beer Mini Game

Dave the Diver is a fantastic game that allows you to conduct marine adventures in the mysterious blue hole. Although Dave explores the deep trenches by day, he runs a sushi restaurant at night to tend to rush customers.

Serve delicious sushi or pour delightful tea, the sushi segment of Dave the Diver is full of fun mini-games after a relaxing exploration of the sea. One of these mini-games is the pouring beer segment. This guide is going to help you how to perfectly pour beer so let’s get started.

How to Pour Beer

Players usually start off serving sushi and then pouring tea. The bear minigame is very similar to the tea mini-game, however, it’s a lot harder than the pouring tea one.

Pouring beer is actually quite simple. As indicated in-game, you press S to pour beer into the glass when it’s tilted. Once you think it’s enough, press D to straighten the glass.

How to Pour Beer
Image source: Kanzalone

The trick to getting this perfect is written on top of the machine. Players only need to fill it up to the point when 20% of its contents are full of foam. In case you didn’t know, the foam is the white stuff that comes up after you pour in the beer.

Only pour beer until you reach the top half, then the rest will fill itself up with foam. Once you do this, you will perfect this task in no time.

Time is of the essence during the sushi segment of the game. So, mastering the beer minigame will not only land you perfect pours, but it will also lead to you being faster at serving your customers!

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