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Dark and Darker: Which is the Best Class | Class Tier List

Identify the best class that suits your playstyle.




Dark and Darker Which is the Best Class Class Tier List

In a role-playing action game such as Dark and Darker, you will have to decide which class you want to play for the whole game.

Since there is currently no other way to change classes in the game, you must really make up your mind and choose the one that best suits you from the get-go.

Each class has its own specialization, but if you’re curious as to which is the best, this tier list should you out.

Ranking the Classes of Dark and Darker

Ranking the Classes of Dark and Darker

Source: Ridio

Dark and Darker is composed of six different classes. Each class has its own attributes and skills which makes them unique from each other. The six classes are as follows:

  • Fighter
  • Barbarian
  • Rogue
  • Ranger
  • Wizard
  • Cleric

Since they all have varying attributes and skill sets, they also have different roles to fulfill in a team. Some may be good all-rounders, some are good at team support, and others would do well as a tank.

That said, let’s find out how each of the classes ranks in terms of effectiveness.

D-Tier: Rogue


Source: Ridio

The Rogue is the best class to choose if you are into ambushing opponents or catching them off-guard to land a critical strike. However, only a few players are skilled enough to harness the full potential of this class.

Due to its low HP, the Rogue is an easy target for backline damage dealers or heavy damage dealers such as Rangers and Barbarians.

In PvP, the best thing a Rogue can do is dodge incoming attacks. Although this will eventually cause its enemy to lose mana over time, dealing no damage at all will just be a waste of time.

Even a single hit can take off a huge chunk of a Rogue’s life. Its poor survivability is the reason why we’re putting it a D-tier.

D-Tier: Barbarian


Source: Ridio

Another class that belongs to the D-tier is the Barbarian, considered the most heavy-duty class in the game.

When teamed up with a good Cleric user, the Barbarian would carry the entire team. It’s capable of dishing out massive damage and can even sustain incoming attacks.

Unfortunately, its strength is shadowed by its relatively slow speed, making it one of the slowest characters in the game. You will be able to unlock some perks as you level up to slightly increase its speed, but it will likely take a while to achieve that.

A-Tier: Fighter


In terms of physical fights, you can fully depend on a Fighter. Its high movement speed allows it to easily take down enemies, especially after receiving damage buffs from a Cleric.

A Fighter is also sort of a versatile class that can serve as either the tank or the main damage dealer of the party.

Plus, its Weapon Mastery Perk makes a Fighter even more effective with literally any kind of weapon in the game. This does come with a 20% damage reduction as a tradeoff, though.

S-Tier: Cleric


Of all the classes in the game, the Cleric is possibly the most vital part of any given team. After all, it is the only class that can heal his own and his teammates at the same time.

Besides the heal, Cleric also provides a damage buff to all his teammates.

While Cleric is not that good when it comes to fighting one on one, it has a lot of miracle spells that grant heavy magic damage to all undead. This is really useful considering almost all enemies in the game are undead.

Lastly, solo playing as a Cleric is really viable since you can buff and heal yourself to survive a dungeon.

S-Tier: Ranger


Another class that has a self-healing ability is the Ranger. This alone means that this class has the ability to survive even on his own.

Besides, the Ranger has the highest DPS in the game, with his ability to shoot three arrows at once and slow down his enemies’ movement.

The only downside about playing a Ranger is that you must have a good aiming skill in order for you to maximize its ability to its full potential.

S-Tier: Wizard


The Wizard is basically the strongest magic damage dealer in the game. Once you have mastered the correct and perfect combination of skills and perks, you will become unstoppable.

There are actually several things a Wizard can do. As mentioned, the class has the highest high magic damage output, and it even has AoE spells that you can take advantage of.

Wizards can also go invisible and can debuff enemies while buffing themselves and their party.

All of these combined makes the Wizard possibly the strongest class in the game, and it would be a nightmare to face a skilled Wizard player in the dungeons.

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