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Dark and Darker: Ultimate Monster and Boss Guide

Time to learn all kinds of enemies you meet in Dark and Darker.

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Dark and Darker Ultimate Monster and Boss Guide 1

As a player, It is essential to understand the different monsters that are in Dark and Darker. You must learn the mechanics, weaknesses, and strengths of these monsters so you and your party can devise an effective strategy to defeat them.

In this detailed guide, we’ll teach you the different attributes of the monsters and bosses in Dark and Darker.

Ultimate Monster and Boss Guide

The Crypt Level contains the following types of Monsters:

Ultimate Monster and Boss Guide 1

Source: 『kNighT.\\GLOW』

  • Giant dragonflies, vampire mosquitoes
  • Spider mummies
  • Death skulls
  • Death Skulls
  • Mummies
  • Zombies
  • Skeletons

Giant dragonflies, vampire mosquitoes

The Giant Dragonflies inflict an attack that can cause heavy bleeding.

Spider mummies

This type of monster can spawn infinitely unless you break its spawn point, the jar.

Death skulls

This monster contains a medium-range charge attack indicated by glowing yellow eyes.

A good tip against these monsters is to kill them first to avoid swarming. These types of monsters can deal significant damage if assisted with standard monsters or are high in amount.

Ultimate Monster and Boss Guide

Source: 『kNighT.\\GLOW』

Gold Bugs/The Death Swarm

You cannot attack this type of monster and it usually forces you to leave an unauthorized zone.

Some chests may also be mimics, so beware when opening them.


The wraith is the strongest monster in this area. You can solo this monster, but it is advisable to play with a party or avoid it entirely. Since it is a miniboss, it has a lot of health and is tanky. It can break doors, can hit hard, and is slow but has a dash ability.



This is the standard B2 mob. This type of monster usually spawns from a bone pile, can break doors, and comes with multiple variations.

Skeleton Archer

The skeleton archer is a ranged monster that can attack you from a range. It contains a quick double-shot ability, but it can be fairly squishy. It can be a nuisance when dealing with a mob of skeletons, so it is advised that you kill the archer first before focusing on the melee variations.

Skeleton Footman & Guardsman         

This variation is the typical type of monster in every fantasy dungeon adventure game. It possesses melee attacks, while the guardsman has a shield that can block attacks. Be sure to expect a hit back from the guardsman when it blocks your attack.

Skeleton Mages

This ranged variation of the skeleton can cast an elemental attack like the fireball and can also assist its fellow skeletons with a shield bubble. Similar to the Archer, it can be a nuisance for your party even when it is a bit far away.

Skeleton Champion

The final variation for skeletons is the Skeleton Champion. This type of miniboss is strong and tanky. Along with that, it is also hard-hitting and moves fast. While it possesses strong attributes, it is rarely encountered.

Crypt Tower Treasure Pile

There is a tower in the crypt that hides a treasure pile that can be looted infinitely. To get the key to this tower, you must defeat the warlord that guards the door. The loot that can be found in the treasure pile can greatly help you and your party in dealing with the monsters.

Mummies & Zombies

These two monsters are the slowest type of enemies but are the tankiest. It is advisable to mob them or have a teammate that specializes in melee weapons.

Mummies spawn randomly and come from under the ground, while zombies have a poison cloud attack. Make sure to kite them from the direction your party wants to go.

Dimension Wales

The InfernoLevel contains the following types of Monsters:

Demon Dogs

Demon Dog

The Demon Dogs of this floor usually sit idly unless attacked. It is fast and hard-hitting but is generally squishy. You can defeat the demon dogs with around 3 hits. You also encounter them as a pair.

Man Bats

Man bats can pose a nuisance for your party. Since they fly, they can blend in the dark. Other attributes of this monster are that they are hitting, and have a strong knockback ability that can potentially separate you from your party.   


The Lich

The Lich

This boss will summon 6 skeletons that will aid him in the boss fight. Three of these skeletons will be archers while the other three will be melee type. For this boss fight, it is advisable to keep moving around and attacking while staying grouped up.

The main attack of The Lich is the slow-moving dark orbs that can collide with his own minions. Since the orbs move slowly, they are easily avoidable. If the orbs hit you, however, you will be hit with health-reducing debuffs.

Stay away from the teammate with the blue debuff as it will damage more than 50% of your health. For the purple debuff,  you may bunch up as it will only damage less than 100 of your health.

Ghost King

This boss involves three monsters that you will need to defeat. There will be two invisible Lava Golems flanking both sides of your party. These monsters create fire pillars that chase you even through walls.

The core mechanic of the boss is a group slow that can stack together against whoever it considers a threat.

Most of your time in this boss fight will be spent avoiding the fire pillars  The main attack of the Ghost King is a teleport followed by a strong ground slam.

Make sure to pay attention to its movement to avoid it while dealing damage. If the fight lasts too long, it will present its biggest threat to your party.

The ghost gang will proceed to stun life terrain, so it is advisable to finish the fight fast.

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