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Dark and Darker: Ultimate Mining Guide

Through mining, you can craft better equipment to tackle more significant challenges.




Dark and Darker Ultimate Mining Guide

Dark and Darker is an intense dungeon crawler expected to release in Q4 of 2023. However, there is currently a closed Beta, allowing players to start exploring the unforgiving dungeons with two other friends.

Dark and Darker is already getting a lot of praise due to its crushing difficulty and fun co-op gameplay. The game sports an in-depth mining system that allows you to craft better equipment to improve your chances of survival.

Without crafting in the game, there is a good chance you won’t make it far, so learning the ins and outs of the process in the early stages is crucial. However, like just about every other part of the game, you won’t have your hand held and have the process explained to you.

Dark and Darker is enjoyed due to its lack of direction, allowing players to figure out its nuances through trial and error, and mining is no different.

If you are looking to get further into the world of Dark and Darker but have yet to fully grasp the mining system, here is a guide to get you started!

Craft a Pickaxe

Craft a Pickaxe
Source: Quests

To get started, you’ll need a pickaxe.

Access the menu and interact with the Weaponsmith. Go into the Buy tab and find the pickaxe. To purchase the pickaxe, you’ll need 25 gold, which you can collect from your travels. Be sure you have sufficient gold and buy the pickaxe.

Pickaxes are essential tools, so crafting one early is highly recommended.

Equip the pickaxe, and now you are ready to mine.

Find Minerals and Start Mining

Find Minerals and Start to Mine
Source: Quests

Now that you have a pickaxe start exploring the world and looking for minerals to mine. You’ll find many mineral sources in your travels, so keep your eye out. Typically you’ll find mining spots tucked away in corners, so always be thorough in your search.

Once you have found some minerals, you can start mining. To start the process, simply walk up to a mineral and press E to mine.

The process can take some time, so be sure you are in a safe area where enemies can’t take shots at you while you mine.

Keep Mining Until the Vein Has Run Dry

Keep Mining Until the Vein Has Run Dry
Source: Quests

Most mineral sources will have more than one piece of the mineral it holds. Keep mining until the option is no longer an option. It will become clear when this occurs as the prompt will no longer appear.

Now you know how to mine!

The minerals you find will all have different purposes. You may find gold to purchase things from the numerous merchants in the game, Rubysilver Ore, which can craft items based on your build.

There is a slew of different minerals, so finding out what each does is the best way to make the most of mining.

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