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Dark and Darker: Ultimate Mining Guide

Learn all about the new ore and what to do with it

Romeli Daclizon



Dark and Darker Ultimate Mining Guide 1

Mining was recently introduced to Dark and Darker. The Rubysilver Ore is the only kind of ore in the game right now. You can make powerful gears with this one, and we’ll show you where to find it.

Mining Rubysilver Ore

Mining Rubysilver Ore
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An essential tool for any miner is the trusty Pickaxe. You can get it from the Weaponsmith for 25 gold. Because carrying a Pickaxe takes up eight slots, you may wonder how to increase your loot harvest.

Source: Repoze

Don’t worry. With the Pickaxe equipped in a utility item slot, you can carry additional loot without sacrificing storage space.

Source: Repoze

Once you’ve equipped your Pickaxe, head to a vein of Rubysilver ore and begin mining the precious metal. Due to their rarity, locating one may take some time.

The Rubysilver ore vein breaks after three to five successful mining.

Rubysilver Ore Uses

Rubysilver Ore Uses
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It is possible to refine Rubysilver Ore into Rubysilver Powder by going to the Merchants tab, selecting the Alchemist, and then clicking the Service tab.

To create a Rubysilver Ingot, go to the Armourer, then select the Service Tab.

Rubysilver Powder
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In the hands of a Leathersmith, Rubysilver Powder becomes lightweight armor. While it becomes an armor fit for a Wizard or Cleric in the hands of a Tailor.

Source: Repoze

Heavy armor can be crafted using the Rubysilver Ingot at the Armourer.

Keep in mind that creating Rubysilver gear is expensive. Also, your equipment will drop every time you die, so always be cautious when you equip high-level gear.

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