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Dark and Darker: Ultimate Cleric Guide | Spells, PvP, Tips

Learn and master how to be a great cleric.




Dark and Darker Ultimate Cleric Guide

Dark and Darker is a dungeon crawl, action game that allows you to play as your chosen class while you take the risk of exploring a mystical underground fortress.

As you start the game, you will be asked to choose among six character classes that you want to play. These are a fighter, barbarian, rogue, ranger, wizard, and cleric. Each of these classes has its own unique strength and abilities that make it different from other classes.

In this guide, we will give emphasize the cleric class. Everything that you should know about this class will be tackled in this article.

Ultimate Cleric Guide for Dark and Darker

Ultimate Cleric Guide for Dark and Darker
Source: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

The cleric is one of the character classes that you can pick in Dark and Darker, and also one of the bests especially if you want to play this game with your friends. The reason for this is that the cleric is the best support role in the game.

It’s just a support role, how does it become the best?

The support role is vital when it comes to games like this one. There will be lots of fighting scenes wherein the spells that you own will greatly benefit the whole team and can put you at an advantage.

Despite being supporting characters, cleric characters are also good damage dealers, especially to the Undead.

However, a support role is not as easy as you think. There are also a lot of things that you have to understand in order to maximize the use of your perks, spells, and abilities.


Spells 1
Source: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

Spells are one of the most important things you should learn. At first, it might look a little complicated especially if you have seen it before the recent update.

recent update
Source: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

On the right side of the panel, you will see a list of all the spells that you have. They are categorized according to their cost which you should pay attention to.

Source: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

Every time you pick a spell, it will use the amount of Spell Memory that you can check on the left side of the window.

As you can see, the Spell Memory is still low. You can increase it by improving your character’s Knowledge.

bar below
Source: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

You can keep track of the Spell Memory that you are using with the bar below. Once you place any spell on the wheel, it will cover the corresponding amount of Spell Memory.

If ever you have added a spell and it exceeded the Spell Memory that you have, then you will not be able to use it in-game.

Source: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

In that case, you can still equip it, but you cannot use it. The spell will be shown with lines like this. You can only use it if you had a chance of getting a ring with additional Knowledge during the game.

With that, it is important to add your spells on the wheel according to their priority. Because if one of them is added last and the cost exceeded the limit, then it will be useless.

Now, as a cleric user in your party, these are the best spells that you can use to help out your team in the best way.

  • Holy Light – Heals an ally for 30 HP or does 100 base magical damage to an undead target.
  • Lesser Heal – Heals a target for 15 health. Casts to self if no target is found.
  • Protection – Creates a shield that blocks 20 physical damage for 20 seconds.
  • Divine Strike – Increases weapon damage by 10 for 20 seconds.
  • Bless – Target gains +3 to Strength, Agility, and Will attributes for 30 seconds. Casts to self if no target is found.

All in all, this complete set of spells will cost you a total of 13 Spell Memory. However, if you already have a Spell Memory capacity of 18, you can replace the Divine Strike and Bless with Resurrection which can revive a dead teammate.

Perks and Skills

Perks and Skills

If you check your character class and go to Perk & Skill, you will notice that there are box and diamond slots that surround your character.

The two boxes below are called Spell Memory. These two allow you to choose two spells that you want to bring in battle. It is all up to you whether you want to use both Spell Memories or just one of them.

When you are playing solo, even though it’s not recommended to play solo as a cleric, it is better if you pick the Holy Purification skill so that you can easily kill undead units. But if you are in a team, use Judgement.

Perks slots
Source: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

On the upper part, you can see four diamonds. These are the Perks slots.

As a team support player, the recommended perks to equip are:

  • Advanced Healer – Increase your basic magical heal by 5.
  • Kindness – Heal yourself for 15% of the spell’s total healing amount when healing another target.
  • Perseverance – Reduces all types of incoming damage by 3.
  • Requiem – Resurrecting an ally revives them with 25% HP instead of a sliver of life. When reviving an ally at the Altar of Sacrifice, you do not need to sacrifice any of your own health.



Gear refers to the armor and equipment that you can carry throughout the battle. What you will choose here will greatly affect your stats and performance in the game.

Included in your gear that you should not miss are 3 to 6 bandages, 3 healing potions, and a campfire.

For the armors, you might want to equip those that have additional Knowledge in order to help you increase your Spell Memory. Some examples are Rawhide Gloves, Padded Leggings, and Oracle Robe. Plus, always remember to equip a Spellbook.


One more tip about gears as a cleric is to always check with the merchants after the battle. You can look for the available gear that can help you improve and gain more stats for the sake of your team.

How You Should Play as a Cleric

How You Should Play as a Cleric

To be the best cleric user in your team, the most important thing to do is to always look after your teammates.

Once you have noticed that one of your teammates has seen an enemy, make sure to cast Protection first before they engage in a fight. But if your teammates are already battling the enemies, start charging your Holy Light and cast on your teammates to heal them.


If you have a fighter teammate, cast Protection first, and then Divine Strike to a ranger teammate.

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