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Dark and Darker: How to Revive Players | All Altar Locations

Always have a friend when playing Dark and Darker

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How to Revive in Dark and Darker

It’s always fun to spend time with a friend while enjoying a game; occasionally, that fun leads to benefits. Indeed, this holds true even more so with the game Dark and Darker. You’ll be left with nothing in this hard-core game if you die.

Imagine playing Dark & Darker, and you have powerful gear or legendary loot. Then some random monster came along and took your life. It would be catastrophic to lose all of your equipment and whatever legendary loot you managed to acquire.

That is why Resurrection is handy; having a friend with you will compensate for this. We’ll teach you how to bring dead players back to life in Dark and Darker.

Altar of Sacrifice

Altar of Sacrifice
Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

Finding an Altar in Dark and Darker allows you to restore fallen comrades. This Altar can be seen in two different locations.

Finding an Altar
Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

The first Altar is located in a room filled with sarcophagi.

Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

The second Altar is inside the cathedral, in front of the statue.

A Cleric can also bring a fallen teammate back to life. The Cleric, however, needs to be exceptionally strong because the Resurrection spell requires much Knowledge.

Resurrecting Players

Resurrecting Players
Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

You must first find and collect their Soul Heart to bring a player back from the dead. You can loot it by removing their chest armor.

Soul Heart
Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

The Soul Heart should be equipped in a utility slot and then used at an Altar of Sacrifice. Your character will then Pray, and you’ll have to sacrifice some of your own health to restore your ally when it’s through.

Remember that reviving an ally will restore them to a state without equipment.

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