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Dark and Darker: How to Kill the Ghost King Boss

Gather your team and get ready to take down the Ghost King Boss.




Dark and Darker How to Kill the Ghost King Boss

Dark and Darker is one of the best PvP or PvPvE games to play and hang out with friends. You and your teammates would have to face the dark and unforgiving force from different backgrounds.

From the different settings, you and your team will have to face different monsters and their boss versions. One of which you have to defeat is the Ghost King Boss.

When it comes to boss fights, one of the first things you will think about is how difficult it is to complete the level. But here’s a friendly reminder, think also how easy it is complete with the perfect team synergy.

That being said, we made this guide to help you finish the level easily.

How to Kill the Ghost King Boss in Dark and Darker

How to Kill the Ghost King Boss in Dark and Darker
Source: SoBadStrange

Taking down the Ghost King Boss actually has an easy mechanic especially if you have already figured out the techniques and strategies with your team.

Ghost King Boss
Source: SoBadStrange

Once you have arrived at the dungeon, you have to finish off first the two lava monsters. What you would want to do here is use ground-based AOEs throughout the fight.

To maximize everything and to make sure that every attack and move is efficient, it is suggested to use a meta company that includes a warrior, a ranger, and a cleric. With this lineup, each fighter can take on the two lava monsters simultaneously.

warrior a ranger and a cleric
Source: SoBadStrange

As soon as the lava monsters are defeated, you will now have to deal with the Ghost King Boss head-on.

One of the most important things you have to remember is that this creature will keep on moving from one place to another. It will keep on teleporting or jumping and dropping heavily to cause you to be slightly stunned.

In relation to that, if you are the greatest damage dealer, you will be the most target of the enemy. What this means is that if you are targeted, you will receive a stacking debuff. Every ten stacks will give you an immense slowing effect.

All the attacks of the Ghost King Boss are AOE damages that you cannot dodge. This is where the Cleric role will come in handy. Since you cannot escape the attacks, all you have to do is continuously supply heal to yourself and your teammates.

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