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Dark and Darker: How to Get Rubysilver Ingot

This is a definitive guide to help you start crafting.

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Dark and Darker How to Get Rubysilver Ingot

The Rubysilver Ingot is one of the many rare items you can collect in the game’s vast crafting and mining feature. In Dark and Darker, you will need these Ingots to get stronger and better equipment.

You can use these materials to craft weapons, armor, and many other useful things. In this guide, we’re going to look at how to get Rubysilver Ingot.

How to Get Rubysilver Ingot

To get Rubysilver Ingot, you must first have the raw material, which is the Rubysilver Ore.

These ores can be mined in certain locations on each map. Of course, you will also need the pickaxe to mine these ores from the earth.

Once you have enough ores, you will need to navigate to the Merchants tab from the Main Menu. There, choose which merchant you intend to make it from depending on the item you want to craft. It can either be the weaponsmith or the armorer.

How to Get Rubysilver Ingot

Image Source: Quests

From the left-hand side of the screen, you will need to press the service button. There, you need to select the Rubysilver Ingot and choose how many of it you intend to craft.

Once you’re done, press the craft button, and the finished product will be present in your storage. Simply follow these steps to get Rubysilver ingot. Who knows, you might be able to craft very strong weapons on your next run!

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