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Dark and Darker: How to Get Goblin Merchant

Learn how to get this limited Merchant

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Dark and Darker How to Get Goblin Merchant

As the game progresses, playing Dark and Darker becomes increasingly demanding. In your search for treasures in the dungeon, you encounter numerous dangerous enemies, including skeletons, zombies, a Lich King, and more. In fact, you may run into other players.

If your loot isn’t very impressive, you can always sell it to the Merchants. This game has a limited merchant called the Goblin Merchant, and we will show you how to get it.

Goblin Merchant

Goblin Merchant
Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

You can see what kind of goods a Merchant sells by looking at their image and profession. Armor can be purchased or crafted from the Armourer, and Rubysilver Ingots can be prepared from Rubysilver Ore asking for the service of the Armourer.

One of the best methods to get gold is via merchants. You can increase your gold by selling any loot you find to be of no use to you.

Compared to the other Merchants in Dark and Darker, the Goblin Merchant is an outlier. A doodle represents the Goblin Merchant on the Merchants tab.

Obtaining a Goblin Merchant

Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

The Goblin Merchant is an excellent place to buy a pendant or ring. This Merchant can be acquired by obtaining any Pendant from a run.

Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

Since Pendants are so uncommon, it may take several runs before you stumble upon one. Once you have one, returning to the Merchants tab after leaving the dungeon will allow you to make a trade with the Goblin Merchant.

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