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Dark and Darker: How to Escape/Extract from Dungeons

A quick guide on extracting from dungeons.

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Dark and Darker How to Escape Extract from Dungeons

Dark and Darker features a mechanic that lets you escape and extract from dungeons. This prompted people to devise a strategy for using the escape portals in the game.

If you don’t know how this mechanic works, don’t worry, as this article will teach you how to escape from dungeons consistently.

How to Escape from Dungeons

Escaping from dungeons ensures that you can receive all the loot you’ve obtained from the run. However, this isn’t simple as it seems. 

Extraction differs depending on whether you’re playing solo or with a team. Here’s how:

Extracting as a Solo

Extracting as a Solo

Source: Kibbles Gaming

The easiest way to extract more consistently as a solo player is to go to the Forgotten Castle and play as passively as you can.

Just hide within the plague and wait until the portal appears.

However, if you still want to escape while fighting people, then the recommended area is the Goblin Caves.

As for Forgotten Castle, you will need to focus on gathering wealth and have to be very sneaky. You must be able to avoid enemy encounters and listen to footsteps.

Extracting as a Solo 1

Source: Kibbles Gaming

If you’re a passive solo player, the recommended classes that you should use are Rogue, Cleric, and Wizard. If you’re an aggressive player, you must use either the Fighter, Barbarian, or Ranger.

Regardless of which class you pick, you must train your mechanical skills.

Extracting as a Trio

Extracting as a Trio

Source: Kibbles Gaming

To be able to extract more consistently as a trio, the first thing you need to do is to secure the zone through teamwork.

Make sure that you are moving together and keeping consistent communication. After all, you can’t really sneak around when you have two teammates.

Make sure you clear the rooms faster than others and take the fights. To do this, a good tip is to learn the map in general.

Doing so will help you memorize the terrain and the general areas for loot. As a trio, it is also essential to secure the center of the map as it will help you travel and find the portal more easily.

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