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Dark and Darker: How to Defeat Lich King | Boss Guide

Few tips that can help you defeat Lich King.




Dark and Darker How to Defeat Lich and Ghost King Boss Guide

As you play Dark and Darker, you will be exploring the mystical and dangerous underground fortress. In this PvPvE game, you will have to team up with your friends that should comprise different character classes.

You should discover the perfect synergy for your team in order for you to easily defeat any opponents that come your way.

The main reason why you have to look for teammates and match with them perfectly is that you will meet different enemies in the game. This includes other player enemies, as well as the non-player characters.

Some of the monsters that you will have to face are the Lich King and Ghost King.

How to Defeat Lich King

How to Defeat Lich King and Ghost King
Source: 『kNighT.\\GLOW』

The fight will start with the Lich King summoning 6 skeletons around him. Be careful as 3 of them are archers. Now that the skeletons have respawned, you will have more dummies to deal with.

In order to finish this safely, you have to know the attack types of the Lich King. Basically, it only has 2 casting types. The first one has a slowing effect, while the second one is a fast projectile that you can still dodge if you keep on moving around.

The bottom line of battling the Lich King is that you should always keep moving from a safe distance but make sure to still deal some damage.

purple debuff
Source: 『kNighT.\\GLOW』

However, these slowing spells are not the usual movement debuffs. There are three types of slowing spells.

The purple debuff that will surround one of your team members will hug the targeted players. If one member is caught, it will eat up 100% of its health; two players will receive 50% damage; while three players will receive 25%.

The blue debuff will mean avoiding the player. When a player targeted by this debuff managed to survive, that player will recover from the damages.

Lastly, the slow-moving orb is a very deadly one. It will slowly chase you until the end of the battle unless it hits another unit.

Source: 『kNighT.\\GLOW』

As you can observe, the Lich King is most vulnerable when casting a spell on someone. But don’t forget that there are still skeletons attacking you.

Killing these skeletons can be a good option to easily target the Lich King without other units bugging you. But, also, do remember that these will still be revived by the Lich King after a while.

Lich king

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