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Dark and Darker: Golden Key Guide

There is a golden door with untold treasures inside that will vastly improve your character.




Dark and Darker Golden Key Guide

Dark and Darker is a first-person dungeon crawler that lets you and two other friends team up or face off in crushingly challenging dungeons to earn loot and build your character.

The game is slated to release at the end of 2023, but there is a closed beta that lets players get their hands on it early.

Like most dungeon crawlers, Dark and Darker’s gameplay centers on finding better loot to improve your character and help you survive. Throughout the game, you’ll find new armor, minerals needed for crafting, and numerous other forms of loot.

The gameplay loop will have you traversing deep within dungeons, either alone or with friends, to continue to build your character.

However, there is some treasure that has become highly regarded, that treasure being the random loot you find behind the golden door. Though the loot is random, there may be high-tier locked chests that carry legendary items – but first, you need the golden key to open the door.

If you are in search of the golden key, here is a quick guide to help you find your way.  

Buy the Key in the Trade Market

Buy the Key in the Trade Market
Source: Pestily

It is possible to purchase the golden key in the trade market.

However, the key costs 1,000 gold and can be looted from you. Also, the golden door won’t appear on every map. This all means that bringing the key along is risky and could lead you to lose a lot of gold, time, effort, and patience.

If you happen to die with the golden key in your inventory, it will be looted from your corpse.

Many sell the Golden Key as they would much rather have the 1,000 gold than risk going out with the key in their inventory. Be sure you are ready to take on the stress of carrying around such a valuable item.

If you do happen to stumble across it, you can always sell it to avoid such stress.

Steal the Golden Key from Another Player

Steal the Golden Key from Another Player
Source: Dresboni

As mentioned previously, having the key is risky, which applies to both you and your enemies. If you happen to run across an enemy carrying the key, kill them and loot their corpse. This is the cheapest way to obtain the key but by no means the easiest.

Once you have obtained the Golden Key, you can make your way toward the golden door. However, it is unclear where the Golden Door is in the game’s current state. Many believe the B2 Hell Map is a great place to start looking.

Keep an eye out for a tower in the middle of the southern portion of the map. Climb the tower to the top, and you will find the Golden Door.

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