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Dark and Darker: Best Class for Duo Gameplay

Team up with a friend and annihilate your enemies.




Dark and Darker Best Class for Duo Gameplay

The gameplay of Dark and Darker is simple yet dangerous. You must win the matches but face a great chance of death, and even one wrong move might lead to game over.

The game can be played either solo or with a group. Alternatively, you can also play duo with a friend.

That said, if you want to know which class works best for duo, we got you covered. They’re as follows:

Cleric Combo

Cleric Combo

Source: Kibbles Gaming

The Cleric is one of the best classes to use in the Duo Gameplay. This class can heal and has various essential utilities.

For example, the Cleric can bring back fallen allies which is unique to this class. In addition, it can readily assist in dealing with enemies.

Due to the abundance of enemies in the game, the Cleric can be significantly advantageous in most situations.

A popular combo for the Cleric include:

  • Cleric-Fighter
  • Cleric-Barbarian

Full Melee

Full Melee

Source: Kibbles Gaming

Another option is to go full melee. This is where the Barbarian and Fighter classes shine.

The Barbarian is the tankiest of all the classes in the game, excelling at wielding massive, two-handed axes.

On the other hand, the Fighter is considered a jack of all trades. It’s an excellent class for duo gameplay as it has a balanced skill set and the ability to equip various weapons and gear.

Depending on your playstyle, you can go:

  • Fighter-Fighter
  • Barbarian-Barbarian
  • Fighter-Barbarian

Oddball Combo

Oddball Combo

Source: Kibbles Gaming

Oddball combos are not your usual team composition, but they surprisingly work well if you’re skilled enough.

If you and your duo like to go crazy and try out new team comps, you can go for any of the following:

  • Wizard-Barbarian
  • Rogue-Ranger

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