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Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion: How to Unlock MP LIMIT BREAK

Increase your limit to 9,999 with this quick and easy tip.




Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion How to Unlock MP LIMIT BREAK

While playing through Zack Fair’s heroic adventure, you may occasionally find yourself struggling with MP during certain stages of the game. This is especially annoying when fighting multiple enemies without being given the chance to regen both health and MP.

But did you know that it’s possible to break the MP limit in Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion?  If you’ve been kept in the shadows until now, don’t worry! We have brought you this guide so you can keep on combating to your heart’s content.

It is important to know from the start that this method of unlocking the MP limit break will require completing several missions before it allows the player to acquire the item we require.

As such, you will need to complete the M7-2 group of missions so the game gives you access to the M7-3 group (remember that the M7 – 2 group is unlocked after starting chapter 4).

Obtaining the Gold Hairpin

Obtaining the Gold Hairpin

Source: Quick Guides

Clearing all the missions mentioned early will grant you access to the M7-3-4 Precognition level 4 mission. Remember to come well-prepared since you will be up for a strong fight.

After defeating the boss, you will be awarded the desired Gold Hairpin. All you need to do now is equip it to Zack in the menu.

Obtaining the Gold Hairpin 1

Source: Quick Guides

After you have obtained this item, you can equip it to allow Zack to gain infinite MP and thus, break the MP limit. While it may be fun breaking to maybe be vulnerable all the time, this item can be especially useful in parts of the game that may seem insurmountable to the player.

So, we recommend it using it during said parts or overall, just for fun.

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