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Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion: How to Get the Sixth Wonder

Obtain the Sixth wonder in Crisis Core quick and easy.




Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion How to Get the Sixth Wonder

While playing Zack Fair’s quest to become a hero, you will face an extensive number of challenges with varying difficulty. As we played through the game, we would often find ourselves wondering how we should proceed next.

As such, we thought many players would require assistance when finding the many Wonders spread in Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion. For this reason, we have crafted this guide to offer you assistance in finding the game’s sixth wonder.

It is important to know from the start that this wonder will only be available after you have found Sephirot under the Shinra Manor, so we suggest you do that if you haven’t already.

The scenario you will be facing is tricky since you need to save a mother inside a burning house. If you follow this guide and manage to keep your cool, you’ll have the sixth wonder in no time.

Obtaining the Sixth Wonder

Obtaining the Sixth Wonder

Source: JFMSTR

First, we need to follow a pair of simple steps:

Entering the Burning House

You need to enter the burning house to get the sixth wonder. To go up, you need to press Right and then Up. Once on the second floor, you need to press Down and then Right.

Reaching the Window

Once you complete the steps mentioned before, you will arrive at a window on the right. As you get there, a prompt will appear. Now, you need to go down while doing the opposite of the steps we mentioned before.

Reaching the Window

Source: JFMSTR

Keep toggling around until Zack emerges from the house holding the boy’s mother safe and sound.

The boy will eventually realize that her mother was the treasure after all, and after a touching scene, you will be able to resume your journey.

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