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Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7: How to Unlock the Magic Pot Summon DMW

A familiar face can now be added to the DMW!

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Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 How to Unlock the Magic Pot Summon DMW

The Magic Pot is a recurring enemy across the franchise that long-time fans are familiar with. It is also present in this game as an unlockable summon to your DMW.

This guide will provide you with the steps to help you unlock it.

How to Unlock the Magic Pot Summon DMW

Step 1:  Defeat the Tonberry in Mission  6-1-5:  Buried in the Caverns

How to Unlock the Magic Pot Summon DMW

Image Source: 100% Guides

The first thing you need to unlock the Magic Pot Summon is to accomplish Mission 6-1-5: Buried in the Caverns.

The first battle you will encounter is usually a group of worms. You may defeat them for some XP or you could escape the fight.

After navigating a bit further, you will encounter the Tonberry. Defeat it to obtain 500 Gil and some XP.

This will then unlock the mission group that will bring you closer to the Magic Pot Summon.

Step 2 : Accomplish Missions 10-2-1 and 10-2-2 to unlock 10-2-3

How to Unlock the Magic Pot Summon DMW 1

Source: 100% Guides

Similar to other missions, you just need to explore an area and eliminate monsters for rewards.

Step 3: Enter Mission  10-2-3

How to Unlock the Magic Pot Summon DMW 2

Source: 100% Guides

Before entering this mission, you must first equip the following Materia:

  • Jump
  • Fira
  • Gravity
  • Assault Twister

This set of Materia will aid you in unlocking the Magic Pot Summon for your DMW.

In the mission, you need to walk around until you encounter the magic pot. You need to have a little patience as the area is quite lengthy and complex.

Once you’ve encountered the Magic Pot, your goal is not to defeat it, but just to use the material in the order that the pot tells you.

After following the Magic Pot’s Instructions, it will just leave the battle and it will be added to your DMW.

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