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Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7: How to Unlock the Cactuar Summon DMW

The Cactuar is one of the many summonses in the Final Fantasy Series.

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Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 How to Unlock the Cactuar Summon DMW

The DMW (Digital Mind Wave) is an essential tool in the game that can provide you with certain buffs that will aid you in your battles.

It also consists of a wide variety of summons that can help make a difference in winning your battles.

In this simple guide, we’ll talk about how you can unlock the Cactuar Summon for your DMW.

How to Unlock Cactuar Summon DMW

The first step in unlocking the Cactuar Summon is first to finish the prerequisite mission, “Eliminate the Copies.”

How to Unlock Cactuar Summon DMW

Source: 100% Guides

Since this is only a three-star mission, you will be able to complete it easily.

The first battle you will encounter in this mission is the battle with the genesis clones. You may defeat them for some Gil and XP, or you may walk around the wall to avoid them. You will soon reach the Cactuar after this.

After defeating the Cactuar, you will receive a reward of 200 SP.

How to Unlock Cactuar Summon DMW 1

Source: 100% Guides

Finish Missions  10-1-1 to 10-1-3

Finish Missions 10 1 1 to 10 1 3

source: 100% Guides

Now that the mission group has been unlocked, continue accepting these missions and defeating the enemies.

Since the missions are similar to the previous ones, completing these should be a breeze.

Once you have defeated the Cactuar in the final mission, you will be rewarded with 800 SP along with the Cactus Thorn. This will then be added to the DMW as a new limit break.

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