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Crash Team Rumble: Which Game Modes Will Be Available

Get oriented with all the fun coming in 2023.




Crash Team Rumble Which Game Modes Will Be Available

Gather up your team for the upcoming new favorite team-versus-team multiplayer game this coming new year. Crash Team Rumble is an exciting and interesting take on the Crash Bandicoot series.

Pick your sides and finish the battle as a renowned hero by going after the fruits on the battlefield, while making sure to go ahead of your enemy team.

Choose the best hero that suits your playstyle to outplay the enemies with your skills. Several members of Crash Bandicoot will be included as playable characters in Crash Team Rumble.

However, there is so much more than these characters. Different game modes are also involved to make your gaming experience worthwhile.

In this guide, we will tell you all the expected game modes that you can play as the Crash Team Rumble arrives as 2023 enters.

Game Modes in Crash Team Rumble

Game Modes in Crash Team Rumble

Source: MisterBo

In your pursuit of the Wumpa fruit, you have to be more creative than just merely collecting and preventing your enemy team to score. There are also some more exciting things to do than that.

And we are here to tell you the game modes that could be present once the game releases.

Different Base Mode

Different Base Mode

Source: MisterBo

As shown in the teaser, there are eight individual players that fight each other while collecting their Wumpa fruit. This sneak peek can be a free-for-all mode.

Just like in any free-for-all game mode, everyone is your opponent. In this case, if there are eight slots for this mode, seven of them will be your rival in getting the precious fruits and delivering them to the base.

However, there can also be a team free-for-all wherein you will be paired with a random player, and your team will have to go against three other duos. This means that there can be a lot of variation in the lobby wherein it is not only a 4v4 game. As long as it is comprised of eight players, then anything can be possible.

Elimination Mode

Elimination Mode

Source: MisterBo

In a PvP style of game, an elimination mode is always possible. In Crash Team Rumble, it would be fun if there is also an elimination mode wherein you and your teammates have a fixed number of lives and will be respawned once down.

However, when all of the members of your team have already lost all of their lives, then it would be time to say bye. But to make things more exciting and complex, reviving a teammate can also be a thing.

Having an elimination mode can bring out the full competitiveness of players, as they have to eliminate opponents, as well as look after their teammates while also being wary of the map.

Pass the Wumpa

Another good mode would be Pass the Wumpa or something like Pass the Bomb wherein each player or each team will fight over the Golden Wumpa. The mechanics could be as simple as finding where the Golden Wumpa is and carrying it by your team until the timer runs out.

On the other hand, Pass the Wumpa could also be about passing the bomb to your enemy. Meaning to say, your team’s goal is to pass the exploding Wumpa to an opponent before it blows up.

Some sort of these things could be a good mode for this game.

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