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Core Keeper is Releasing a New Update | Desert of Beginnings Guide

What’s new in the coming Core Keeper update?

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Core Keeper is Releasing a New Update Desert of Beginnings Guide

Core Keeper’s biggest update is coming live very soon. Releasing on November 10, 2022,  the new update features a new biome, weapons, enemies, music, base materials, and new exciting go-karts that you can use to traverse the areas.

Core Keeper is a multiplayer co-op game that is a special combination of the best parts of Minecraft, Terraria, and even Don’t Starve. You can take on bosses and enemies with your friends while exploring vastly different worlds.

Since the game just recently launched its early access last year, this huge update is bringing so much hype to this amazing game. This article will show you all the new exciting things to look out for in this coming update. Let’s dive in.

Desert of Beginnings Guide

The new update primarily introduces the new biome called “Desert of Beginnings”. Based on the name, we can expect it’s going to be a vast sandy area full of unfettered loot and enemies.

The new update will introduce new several tracks to the game’s soundtrack that’s composed by Jonathan Geer. Additionally, the update will include the Molten Quarry sub-biome along with new enemies, base materials, and weapons.

Desert of Beginnings Guide
Image source: Jadecraft

New Transportation

Go-Karts are an added means of transportation in the game. This means players and their friends will now be able to make their own karts and use them to explore the dungeons and caves. Players can craft up to three variations of the go-kart.

New Transportation
Image source: Jadecraft

They are unable to cover large distances quickly and can chase enemies if you wish to do so.

Bug Hunting

The new update also introduces bug hunting. Users can get the Bug net and use it to catch various bugs. 12 new bugs are being added to the game, so make sure you can catch them.

Bug Hunting
Image source: Jadecraft

Bosses such as Igneous the Molten Mass, and Rakar the Sand Titan are the newly added bosses that come with the new update.

Quality Fixes

Finally, the update will also include minor fixes that will greatly help the quality of life for players. Steam achievements, in-game mechanics, and abilities are improved which were mostly suggested by the community.

This update is going to be a huge boost for the game. The game already favors the pixelated survival co-op fans but this update just might prove the game is ready for branching out its more audiences with its new exciting features.

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