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Company of Heroes 3: How to Get Resources

There’s a bunch of resources waiting for you to collect!

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Company of Heroes 3 How to Get Resources

If you ask any RTS player what the most important aspect you need to win, they will most likely answer resources.

We can’t deny that resources are the most vital aspect you need to maintain in Company of Heroes 3.

But this begs the question, what are the resources in the game, and how to efficiently obtain them? Let’s find out!

How to Gather Resources

How to Gather Resources
Source: tightrope gaming

The three resources you can gather in Company of Heroes 3 are Fuel (green), Munitions (red), and Manpower (yellow).

These resources are scattered throughout the map in different territories. To gather these resources, you will need to control the map.

There are different point sectors on the map that you can capture by sending a squad of infantry or vehicles.

Note that different types of points have different amounts of time to capture them. The larger the resource point, the longer the time it gets to capture it.

How to Gather Resources 1
Source: tightrope gaming

The next tip is to make sure that your resource sectors are connected. If the resource sectors are not connected to your main base, you will not gain the resources you captured.

So if you want to inflict a lot of damage to your enemy’s economy, attack an area where it can cut off their resources.

If you are capturing an enemy’s resource sector, it will first become a neutral land, then it will start capturing for your base.

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