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Company of Heroes 3: How to Capture a Territory

Win the game by capturing territories fast.




Company of Heroes 3 How to Capture a Territory

Capturing Territories in Company of Heroes 3 will determine whether you win the war in multiplayer or AI Skirmish combat.

The map is split into several locations known as resource/territory points designated by various iconography. Each area will have a little circular space with a flag in the center, and you’ll need to command your troops to capture it.

This guide is here to teach you how to do it.

How to Capture a Territory

How to Capture a Territory
Source: tightrope gaming

The amount of time it takes to capture a territory depends on the type of unit you use and the level of the point you’re attempting to capture.

A single troop is enough to capture a territory, but some may have a Capture Rate Boost that decreases the time it takes to capture a territory.

Sections, Scouts, Panzer Grens, and the Kettenkrad with the greatest capture rate are some of the best troops you can use to swiftly seize territories.

Let’s have a look at each of them:


Infantry 1
Source: tightrope gaming

Instruct your troops to stand at the circle’s edge, facing the next point, and keep the command for the next capture ready.

The standard way of capturing territory is inefficient. That’s because a direct command will only lead your troops to go all the way to the center of the circle to capture the point.

They lose a few seconds after seizing the point by exiting the circle to occupy the next capture point. These few seconds are critical for catching the following point and may be saved using a simple way.

You can capture a point as long as your troops are within the circle’s boundary, even if they are at the edge.

As soon as you capture the point, you can issue a manual command to your troops and direct them to capture the next point, saving those few seconds.


Vehicles 1
Source: tightrope gaming

Moving from one capture location to another takes a long time for vehicles like the Kettenkrad. This is because they frequently have to drive around the flag or spin toward the next capture site.

You may tackle this problem like you did the last one.

While capturing a resource point, order the Kettenkrad to stay at the edge of a circle, then issue a manual command to capture the next point when the capture period is up.

If your Kettenkrad isn’t facing the direction of the next capture location, you may hold right click at the circle’s edge and slide it slightly in that direction.

Kettenkrad Communication Cables

Kettenkrad Communication Cables

The Communication Cables are a must-have upgrade for the Kettenkrad. Throughout the game, this upgrade increases the number of resources the Kettenkrad can create after capturing a resource point.

Capture Flag Vision

Capture Flag Vision

Besides losing time, another reason to avoid the circle’s center is to retain stealth.

When one of your troops approaches the middle of the circle with the default command, the opponent is informed of the specific sort of troop you are employing to conquer the land.

This gives them the opportunity to launch an effective counterattack. You may prevent this by stealthily staying near the circle’s edge and capturing the point.

Close & Long Range Units

Close Long Range Units

Utilizing close-range soldiers is the best option if the defense is near or inside the circle.

As your troops approach, they will be better positioned to repel the resistance and conquer the location. On the other hand, closing the distance with long-range troops is a recipe for disaster.

To utilize long-range soldiers, press the Q key to deliver the command to attack the point, then hold shift and right-click the flag to queue up the capture command.

This ensures that long-range specialists keep their distance and play to their strengths. You may even reassess your circumstances and plan properly without taking too much damage.



Using Sandbags efficiently while seizing a specific resource point is also critical. You may use sandbags to protect your troops while in the circle, but their placement is critical.

You can either lay the sandbags in the middle of the circle or at the edges.

To do so, hold shift and right-click, dragging your mouse to the sandbags to rapidly slip under the cover. This forces your troops to line up behind the sandbags as soon as they finish building.

Wire & Mines

Wire Mines

You may also install Mines or Barbed Wire in front of natural cover that your opponents may use to attack you while you are conquering a point.

Remember to exercise caution in the middle of the flag because your opponent will have vision over that area.

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