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CoD Warzone 2: Lieutenant’s Briefcase Location in DMZ

Warzone 2 brings new content to the classic map, such as this briefcase.




CoD Warzone 2 Lieutenants Briefcase Location in DMZ

The Lieutenant’s Briefcase is a new addition to CoD’s DMZ Warzone 2, as part of the new season. You’ll find it somewhere in the classic map, Al Mazrah.

In this short guide, we’ll tell you exactly where to find this briefcase!

Lieutenant’s Briefcase Location

You can find the Lieutenant’s Briefcase in the Smuggling Tunnel in the original Warzone map, Al Mazrah.

Lieutenants Briefcase Location

Source: Gamers Heroes

Start by locating the Smuggling Tunnel somewhere between Rohan Oil and Al Mazrah City. It’s a potential Stronghold location, so it might be marked as such on your map.

The image above shows its location.

If the Smuggling Tunnel is opened as a stronghold, all you need to do is take a ladder down to enter the tunnel itself. Otherwise, you’ll need to find the alternate entrances around E3 on your map.

Once you enter the Smuggling Tunnel, the Lieutenant’s Briefcase is just sitting on a desk at the end of the northeastern passage of the tunnel.

Lieutenants Briefcase Location 1

However, the briefcase is locked and requires a unique key to open. You won’t find the key within Al Mazrah at all, sadly.

Instead, it randomly drops from enemies such as HVTs in the new Ashika Island map. You’ll need to get the key from Ashika Island and then return here to open the briefcase.

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