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CoD MW2: How to Get ISO Hemlock

Add this new Assault Rifle to your growing arsenal in MW2.




CoD MW2 How to Get ISO Hemlock

Season 2 brings many new pieces of gear to MW2, with the ISO Hemlock AR as one of them. It’s one of the many Battle Pass rewards that players can claim. The good news is that it’s available even for non-Battle Pass owners.

If you want to get the ISO Hemlock, here’s how you can do so.

How to Get the ISO Hemlock

How to Get the ISO Hemlock

Source: Ordinary Sense

To unlock the ISO Hemlock, you’ll need to use Battle Pass Tokens. From the main menu, switch to the Battle Pass tab. You should see a rewards map divided by sectors.

Despite being part of the Battle Pass, the ISO Hemlock is a free reward. You don’t need to purchase the Battle Pass to actually use or unlock it.

However, you’ll need to earn experience to gain Battle Pass Tokens from all game modes, such as MW2 Multiplayer and Warzone.

The ISO Hemlock is the ultimate reward for the B11 sector in the Battle Pass map. To reach it, you’ll need to complete adjacent sectors first.

How to Get the ISO Hemlock 1

Source: Ordinary Sense

You can only earn rewards from sectors highlighted in green. The first green sector should be B1. Once you claim all rewards in B1, it will turn gold. B2 and B3 will open up and turn green as well.

Claiming all rewards in one sector of the map will require a total of 5 Battle Pass Tokens.

Now, let us tell you the faster sector order to reach B11:

  1. Start by claiming all rewards in B1 to open up its adjacent sectors, B2 and B3. Move on to B3 and claim all the rewards within it. Next, unlock all rewards in B7.
  2. When B7 is completed, B11 will finally open up. Lastly, claim all rewards in B11. The ultimate reward is the ISO Hemlock.

This order should bring you to the B11 the fastest. However, you’ll need a total of 20 Battle Pass Tokens to unlock the ISO Hemlock, as each sector will require 5 tokens.

It might be time-consuming but all that’s left now is to play the game and earn experience to claim 20 Battle Pass Tokens.

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