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COD DMZ/MW2: How to Get Unlimited Self Revives, Ammo, And Armor | Glitch Guide

Get ahead of the competition with these tasty glitches!




COD DMZMW2 How to Get Unlimited Self Revives Ammo And Armor Glitch Guide

Winning a match of Modern Warfare 2 has never been an easy feat. You can always hide in a small bathroom waiting to flank unsuspecting players, but there are no guarantees you’ll make it to the end of the match.

However, there are certain ways in which you can improve your odds – and that’s by using an unfair advantage.

We’re talking about glitches, and this guide will show you all of the glitches currently in the game and how to activate them. 

All Available Glitches and How to Activate Them

All Available Glitches and How to Activate Them

Source: GUDPEXI the Gamer

There are a bunch of glitches you can activate, and each of them has its own requirements. Let’s have a look at all of them:

Self–Revive Glitch

As the name suggests, this allows you to revive yourself as many times as you want. To make it work, you will need a revive pistol, the perfect timing perk, and some space in your backpack.

Keep swapping between weapons as you activate the revive pistol. If done right, this will duplicate the revive pistols.

Car Glitch

For some reason, when you pinch a single rear tire of a small car, the car will be upgraded. This glitch is very useful if you ever need to escape a group of enemies quickly.

Duplication Glitch

Duplication Glitch

Source: GUDPEXI the Gamer

You will need an ammunition box and a frag grenade to pull off this one.

Throw the grenade, and right before it explodes, use the ammunition box. If you time the animation right, you will go down and the box will be duplicated when you revive.

Armor Glitch

Drop any armor you have and then proceed to down yourself. Your friends should steal your armor vests before reviving you.

They will need to drop the vest off after reviving you so you can pick it up. With this glitch, you will now have an armor vest with more armor than before.

XP Glitch

XP Glitch

Source: GUDPEXI the Gamer

You can easily use the previous method to gain XP. Use the field upgrades you have cloned and discard them.

Every time you use a field upgrade, your team will receive XP. Keep on repeating for more experience.  

Ammo Glitch

Save a few bullets in your magazine and then reload your weapon. You should store the gun in your backpack while the reload animation is still playing.

If you get it right, you will have infinite ammo.

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