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CoD DMZ: How to Get a Free LTV Armored Gun Truck

Massacre your enemies with an armored behemoth for free!




CoD DMZ How to Get a Free LTV Armored Gun Truck

The armored gun truck is certainly one of the most interesting combinations of words you want to hear when playing DMZ.

Fortunately for us players, there’s a way to obtain this powerful truck for free.

We want you to experience riding an armored beast as you wreak havoc on the island. And this guide will show you how you can do that by getting the LTV for free.

Unlocking the Armored Gun Truck

Unlocking the Armored Gun Truck


The first step to getting the armored vehicle is to find the “Deliver the Cargo To The HLZ” mission located within the house shown in the image above.

This will activate a supply cargo where you’ll need to escort and defend a vehicle.

Prepare for a strong and bumpy fight, as an assault helicopter will be sent to chase you and hunt you down with missiles and all sorts of crazy stuff.

However, you don’t really need to complete it in order to get the armored gun truck.

Unlocking the Armored Gun Truck 1


Starting the mission that we’ve previously mentioned will cause you to inevitably arrive at the location that contains the armored vehicle.

Normally, it will require a lot of money in order to buy it. But with this mission, you can get one for free.

You can easily outrun the vehicle and then flee the area. Once done, the armored vehicle will be yours. Every player must vote to cancel the mission so the armored vehicle will stay with you!

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