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Clash of Clans: How to 3-Star Jolly Clashmas Challenge 3

Earning the mighty 3-star in the third Clashmas Challenge is a test not many can pass, so here are some tips on how to get it done!




Clash of Clans How to 3 Star Jolly Clashmas Challenge 3

The Clash of Clans mobile game has been incredibly successful since its launch all the way back in 2012.

Even after more than a decade of being released, the game continues to push out new, exciting updates that improve and add to the game. The team behind the game is getting into the spirit of the holidays by launching its third Clashmas Challenge.

Getting a 3-star rating in the Clash of Clans can be challenging, with the Clashmas Challenge being no different.

However, overcoming it will award you a new roof for your Clan Capital house. Getting your fancy new holiday roof won’t be easy. The challenge sports four Eagle Artilleries, surrounded by a visibility spell tower and a monolith.

So if you think you are up for the Clashmas Challenge, here are some tips to get you started.

Your Plan of Attack

Clashmas Challenge
Source: Kenny Jo

The plan of attack should be as follows:

Start on the right side

  • Attack the Eagle Artilier to the far right.
  • Use your three Santa Surprises on the Monolith.
  • Follow up with an Earthquake to take out the Scattershot and at least one of the spell towers.

Then shift your attack to the top right.

  • Release three archers to pop the Poison Spell Towers.
  • Drop the Barbian King and the Archer Queen.
  • Drop a freeze spell to protect the Barbain King from the single target.

Focus your attack back to the lower right side.

  • Drop a Hog Rider, three Giants, and a Royal Champion.
  • Focus on the spell tower
  • Assist with the Grand Warden Alter to push the Royal Champion into the base.

Start attacking the top left of the arena.

  • Drop a Sneaky Goblin at the topmost point of the left side of the field.
  • Drop a Super Wall Breaker at the topmost point of the left side of the field.
  • After the wall has come down, drop another Super Wall Breaker.
  • Drop some Wizards to help with the destruction of some of the Alters

Attack the center of the arena.

  • Drop in a Hog Rider to destroy the Invisibility Spell Tower.
  • Use the Royal Champions’ ability to do damage to oncoming enemies.
  • Barbian King and the Archer Queen’s defensive ability to get rid of the Defensive Queen and the Town Hall.
Attack the center of the arena.
Source: Kenny Jo

From here, you’ll have earned 1 Star.

Focus on the last Eagle Artillery.

  • Drop a Poison Spell and send out all Hog Riders lined up on the bottom of the screen.
  • Drop the Grand Warden and release two Headhunters, using the Warden’s ability to protect the Hog Riders and Royal Champion as they travel, being sure to heal when needed.
  • Send a Hog Rider after the Eagle Artillery.
  • Send the remaining Hog Riders toward the Monolith.

You should have earned 2 Stars at this point.

Focus attack on the Monolith.

  • Use the Hog Riders and drop Super Wall Breakers to destroy and open up the Monolith.
  • Use Sneak Goblins to take down the storage.
  • Drop a Wizard for good measure.

And that should give you a 3-star on the Clashmas Challenge.

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