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Children of Silentown – How to Solve the Dog Hat Puzzle

Find out how to free the woodworker’s dog through this puzzle.




Children of Silentown How to Solve the Dog Hat Puzzle

Do you think that you are a dark game enjoyer, and you want something new under this genre? Worry not because there is a new point and click game that you can play.

The Children of Silentown is a new game that you will play as Lucy while she wanders through the forest in pursuit of finding out the secret of people disappearing.

This game is composed of five chapters, and each has a clear objective that you should accomplish. One of which is the Dog Hat Puzzle that you will encounter in chapter 3 of the game.

Learn how to successfully finish this puzzle through this guide.

How to Solve the Dog Hat Puzzle in Children of Silentown

Moms Song
Source: Trophygamers

When you finally reach chapter 3 of the game, one of the objectives that you will encounter is freeing the woodworker’s dog. To do that, simply go back to the location of the woodworker’s workshop.

There, you will see the woodworker’s hat near the dog’s spot. The first and most important thing to do is use the Mom’s Song on the hat to trigger the puzzle.

Source: Trophygamers

After Lucy hums, you will be redirected to the puzzle screen. The goal of this puzzle is for you to find a way for all the paths to align and connect the starting line to the drawing of the house at the top. You can use some of the gears located on the right side to maneuver the tiles.

Your first move should be with the gear. Get one gear and place it on the upper right corner of the first and only tile that you can move.


With that gear, you can now rotate four tiles at once. Rotate two times using the RT button.

After that, utilize the second gear by placing it between the sides of the first and second tiles downwards from left.


Now that it is already connected with the previous tiles you rotated, press the RT button once again.


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