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Chained Echoes: Where to Find Summoner Class Statue Location Guide

Travel all around the island and meet the Heroes of Leonar.




Location of Summoner Class Statue in Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes is a role-playing game wherein you have to live in a fantasy world with dragons and other heroes. In your pursuit of saving the whole of Valandis from the tyrants, you have to be involved in a lot of explorations and discoveries.

To easily familiarize the whole island, you can use the tasks and missions as you visit other map areas. You could say that it is an effective way to do this because you can maximize each travel that you will do.

Finding the location of the Class Statues is a good opportunity for this one. All 12 class emblems have their own statue that you have to find all over the map. And we are going to tell you where one of them is located, the Summoner Class Statue.

Location of Summoner Class Statue in Chained Echoes

The Summoner Class Statue can be found in the Arkant Archipelago. However, you cannot easily go here. You must first unlock the Flying Gear Ship and disable 4 ASACs in order for you to unlock the flying Sky Armor.

Sky Armor 3
Source: RPG Division

ASACs are the machines that prevent you from flying. That is why you have to disable these four to fly with your suit.

Source: RPG Division

The first ASAC can be found in this location. You will have to enter caves and trace the path until you reach the outside.

Source: RPG Division

The second one is found in this location. Here, you have to pass by the trees and even enter caves while not seeing the inside of the cave.

second one is found 1 1
Source: RPG Division

This third location is relatively easier than the other locations. You just have to go to the upper land platform and you can easily see the machine.

third location 1 1
Source: RPG Division

The last machine is found in this area. You will have to enter another cave after passing by large coral-looking trees. Then, you will have to cross bridges when you leave the cave to reach the machine.

coral looking trees 1
Source: RPG Division

Now that all the machines are disabled, it is now time to go to the Summoner Class Statue. Just follow the direction on the map and you will see the statue in the middle of the island.

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