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Chained Echoes: Where to Find All Sacred Water Locations

Find all Sacred Water to complete your Class Emblems in Chained Echoes!




Chained Echoes Where to Find All Sacred Water Locations

Aside from Leonar’s Challenges, Sacred Water serves no other purpose in the game other than in a Hero of Leonar statue.

By doing so, you’ll be able to fight creatures in the region and earn a Class Emblem for the statue after you defeat them.

Aside from that, you can unlock two Class Emblem-related achievements by using Sacred Water.

There are a total of 12 bottles of Sacred Water in the game, five of which you can obtain through the Reward Board Chains.

If you want to know the locations of the Sacred Water in Chained Echoes, this guide is for you.

Sacred Water Locations

Sacred Water Locations

As stated above, Sacred Waters #1–5 can be obtained through the Farnsport Reward Board Chains. You will need to locate the remaining 7 to complete all 12 bottles.

Sacred Water Locations 1

Sacred Water #6 is automatically taken by Sienna throughout the main questline.

Sacred Water Locations 2

Located inside a room in the middle of Tormud, Sacred Water #7 might be the most difficult to spot.

Sacred Water Locations 3

Sacred Water #8 may be located in the Leviathan Tunnel to the southeast.

Sacred Water Locations 4

You can find the 9th Sacred Water roughly north of the Flower Fields in Perpetua.

Sacred Water Locations 5

Sacred Water #10 can be found on the Hooge on the Eastern Platform.

Sacred Water Locations 6

Wyrnshire Castle has Sacred Water #11.

Sacred Water Locations 7

The western part of Organe Grottos has Sacred Water #12.

And that finishes the list of 12 Sacred Water Locations. We hope this guide helped you out!

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