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Chained Echoes: Two Winged Angel Quest Guide

Find out how to complete the Two-Winged Angel side quest.




Chained Echoes Two Winged Angel Quest Guide

There are lots of things and activities that you can do in Chained Echoes aside from completing the main story plot quests.

Exploring the world and talking to some NPCs allow you to unlock side quests which can make your adventure more fun.

Aside from that, this also allows you to know more about the characters and the game’s lore. There are also rewards that you can get from completing these tasks.

One of the side quests that you can do is the Two-Winged Angel Quest. Here, we are going to tell you how you can finish this side quest as fast as you can.

Two-Winged Angel Quest Guide in Chained Echoes

Two Winged Angel Quest Guide in Chained Echoes


For you to unlock and activate this side quest, you have to talk to an NPC located in the northeastern area of the map.

To get there, simply head over to New Wyrnshire.

Two Winged Angel Quest Guide in Chained Echoes 1


Once you arrive, go to the marked location and talk to the NPCs standing around this area. After you end the conversation with the second Townfolk, the side quest will be unlocked.

Two Winged Angel Quest Guide in Chained Echoes 2


To start off, go to the Black Market and talk to the Townfolk that you can see inside. After the conversation, head down and go left. This will trigger a conversation with the merchant.

End this conversation and go to Norgant’s Camp located in the central part of Kortara Mountain Range.

Two Winged Angel Quest Guide in Chained Echoes 3


Upon arriving, the guard won’t allow you to enter. That being said, your next task is to find your way inside by sneaking. Remember that you can’t use the front entrance, so you have to look around for other passages that can’t be seen by the guards.

Sneaking into the Camp

Sneaking into the Camp

On the right side of the entrance, you will see a highlighted column of stones. You can use this to go down and enter the cave on the right side.

When you have crossed the path, you will end up on the other side of the land. On the left part of the area, you will see a dented land which is a secret passage that will take you to different exits.

You can’t see where you are under the land surface. For this, simply go to the southeastern part which will bring you to the left side of the entrance.

Sneaking into the Camp 1

Here, you can see another set of highlighted stones to use as a ladder. Climb your way up here to enter the camp. Make sure the bodyguards won’t spot you, especially when passing across this guard.

In this case, you should try walking as close as you can to the edge, and move only when he is looking away from you.

When you finally crossed this path, slowly walk to the left in front of the guard with shades as he won’t notice you because he is slacking at work.

Sneaking into the Camp 2

Over here, you will see a chest. Approach and interact with it to get Norgant’s Key. Once you get it, go to the right wing of this area.

Again, try to walk as close to the edge to prevent getting seen by the guards.

Sneaking into the Camp 3

Walk straight behind the crates and go to the house that you can see ahead. You can unlock this door using Norgant’s Key.

Once you finally get inside, head to the left path and walk straight to fetch your friends. After the cutscene of your conversation, keep going north until you reach the outside.

Sneaking into the Camp 4

It will eventually lead you to the Seraph Armor. However, you will be blocked by Norgant and his men. He will tell you to buy it instead of fighting over it.

After the deal, find your way outside and go to Norgant and pay up.

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