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Chained Echoes: Lenne One-Hit Build Guide

Defeat enemies with one hit using this Lenne Build in Chained Echoes!




Chained Echoes Lenne One Hit Build Guide

Chained Echoes is set on the war-torn continent of Valandis, and it follows the story of a motley crew of heroes who are thrown together through a combination of chance and destiny.

An honorable mission to restore tranquility to the nation quickly escalates into a massive crusade against corrupt rulers, petty deities, and a timeless evil that threatens the very existence of all living things.

Among the finest damage dealers in Chained Echoes, Lenne stands out for her ridiculously high elemental damage.

She has the power to remove debuffs and use a wide variety of elements to exploit her foes’ vulnerabilities.

If you’re new to the game and you’re having a hard time defeating enemies, this build might be the solution to your problems.

Lenne Build Guide

Source: RPG Division

Lenne’s role in your party is fairly simple: she’s a damage dealer who specializes in elemental attacks. Though she uses the spear, the damage dealt with this weapon is determined by her magic level.

Lenne thrives when cast in the position of a traditional mage, dealing out large amounts of magic damage from a certain distance.

Lenne One-Hit Build

Lenne One Hit Build
Source: RPG Division

The first thing you need to do is equip the Fire Attack crystal on her spear. This will allow her Fire Thrust skill to inflict weakness damage on her enemies, making them significantly weaker even if enemies are not weak to fire.

If you have more crystal slots left, choose between Attack Up or Spear Master for additional damage.

The best party set-up for Lenne is Glenn, Victor, and Kylian (optional). The combo will be as follows: Glenn’s Oil Slash > Lenne’s Third Eye > Victor’s Poetic Mash > Kylian’s Alfreed’s Will to further reduce defenses. However, the latter can be replaced with Glenn’s Armor Break.

Once you’ve done the combo successfully, use Lenne’s Fire Thrust and that will deal the final killing blow to your enemies.

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