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Chained Echoes: How to Unlock Leonar’s Tombs and 3 Class Statues

Solve the riddles at Leonar’s Temple and unlock three Class Emblems!




Chained Echoes How to Unlock Leonars Tombs and 3 Class Statues

By clearing the Leonar Temples and completing their orb riddles, players can earn three Class Emblems and Ba’Thraz’s and Lenne’s ultimate weapon.

To unlock Leonar’s Temples, you need to find the last chest in the Empyrean Ruins which contains the Church Key.

The Church Key will allow you to enter the Church located in the southeastern part of Perpetua. You can obtain the key to a hidden door by analyzing the painting.

The location of the Three Temples of Leonar will be revealed on the last tablets.

Get out your map and mark the three new spots. The order in which you complete them is not important. You will find a Statue of Leonar guards at the end of each temple.

After that, you can then unlock three class statues. Here’s how:

Pyromancer Class Emblem

Pyromancer Class Emblem

Source: RPG Division

You can find the Pyromancer Class Emblem near Valandis’s northwest, further north.

Once inside, you’ll find an orb puzzle that needs to be solved to proceed. Follow these steps to solve the riddle:

  1. Push the orb on the left westward, northward, eastward, southward, westward, northward again, and eastward. This should shatter three gray blocks.
  2. Push the lowest orb south to break a gray block, then push the orb just north of this initial orb southward, so the two sit next to each other.
  3. Push the higher orb east, south, west, and south of the two orbs sitting together. This should cause it to appear on the golden panel.
  4. The bottom orb should be pushed west, north, east, south, west, and south. This orb should now be in the golden panel as well.
  5. Move the final orb to the south, south again, and east. This should destroy another gray block.
  6. Position the orb on the golden panel, and finish the puzzle.

By solving the puzzle, you’ll get entry to the statue room where a Rusty Amulet is hidden in a red chest.

In this part, you’ll face off against a swarm of Clock Spiders and Golems, both of which are easily defeated by water-based attacks.

Remember that physical attacks do more damage to Red Clock Spiders, while magic does more to Blue Clock Spiders. You can get the Emblem once you finish the trial.

Gambler Class Emblem

Gambler Class Emblem

Source: RPG Division

The Gambler Class Emblem can be located along Valandis’ northwest coast.

The same orb riddle can be found inside the temple. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Move the upper orb to the east, south, and west. Along the way, it should destroy a gray block.
  2. Move the lower orb to the north, east, and south. It should end up next to a gray and a blue block.
  3. Move the upper orb to the south and east. It should destroy the gray block next to the other orb.
  4. Move the orb on the right eastward, then northward. It should destroy a gray block and land next to the golden panel.
  5. Push the same orb west to destroy another gray block, then east to the golden panel.
  6. Move the last orb north, then east. Using the second orb to destroy the gray panel will enable you to finally move this orb to the golden panel, completing the puzzle.

You’ll gain entry to the statue room after completing the riddle, but you’ll have to face a trial to win the Emblem.

You’ll need to fight against five Golems, who should not cause you too much trouble. Complete the trial and obtain the Emblem.

Rune Knight Class Emblem

Rune Knight Class Emblem

Source: RPG Division

Northeast of Valandis, near the edge of the Flower Fields of Perpetua and the Fiorwoods, you’ll find the Rune Knight Class Emblem.

The temple also contains an unsolved orb riddle inside. To solve the riddle, follow these steps:

  1. Destroy the gray block to the north by pushing the central orb north once. Push it north again so that it smashes a blue block.
  2. Push the same ball eastward and then southward to destroy another gray block.
  3. Now, push another orb on the left to the north, and then east. It should be right beside the first orb you moved.
  4. Head to the orb on the right and push it south, west, north, and east. The two orbs should still be beside each other.
  5. Using the two orbs as a block, push the third orb to the north, down at the bottom of the puzzle. Then, push it to the east and to the golden panel.
  6. At this point, you should only have two orbs left. Push the orb on the right north, so it’s out of the way. Now, push the orb on the left onto the golden panel.
  7. Push the last orb east, south, west, north, and east again. This will send it to the golden panel, completing the puzzle.

As soon as you pass through the gate, you’ll see the statue honoring the Heroes of Leonar and a red chest containing a Rusty Spear.

Here, you will need to defeat some Clock Spiders again.

If you include Egyl in your initial party, you’ll have a reliable, hardy buffer against them. You can obtain the Emblem once you finish the trial.

As long as you finish the orb riddles, defeating the enemies will be an easy task. We hope this guide helped you complete Leonar’s Tombs.

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