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Chained Echoes: How to Unlock Classes and Upgrade Equipment

Strengthen your characters by equipping a class and upgrading their equipment

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Chained Echoes How to Unlock Classes and Upgrade Equipment

In JRPGs, you can enhance your characters in a variety of ways. You can select from a variety of classes in most JRPG games. You can choose to be a healer, a mage, or a swordsman.

These classes are also capable of boosting stats passively. Another choice is to improve your equipment, which can make them more powerful.

Chained Echoes has them as well. We created this guide to assist you in learning how to gain classes and upgrade your equipment because this game is not your standard JRPG.

Unlocking Classes

Unlocking Classes

Source: MabiVsGames 2

In Chained Echoes, a class is unlocked in a very different way. Find any statues of the Heroes of Leonar and offer prayers to them. You will then be given Class Emblems to equip with your characters.

Class Emblem

Class Emblem

Source: MabiVsGames 2

Before getting a Class Emblem, you must defeat some enemies after praying to a Heroes of Leonar statue first. Depending on the Class, equipping a Class Emblem will increase your character’s stats.

A Cleric Class Emblem, for instance, will raise the TP and Mnd stats.

Class Emblem 1

Source: MabiVsGames 2

Additionally, this enables you to equip two additional active and passive skills. The Class Emblem must be worn to equip these skills, though.

The skill can only be equipped without a Class Emblem if you have completely mastered it.

Upgrading Equipment

Upgrading Equipment

Source: MabiVsGames 2

You must first locate the blacksmith and collect the crystals from the back of his home to unlock equipment upgrades. Return to him and interact with the anvil to access the upgrade and crystals menu after obtaining the crystals.

Upgrading Equipment 1

A weapon or armor can be upgraded to get more attributes and slots. The + sign will appear after the name of an upgraded weapon or armor and will increase the more you upgrade it.

Additionally, upgrading will cost materials and money, which you can get by beating enemies or opening chests. They are also available through deals.

Upgrading Equipment 2

Setting a crystal to your equipment can improve it even more. Passive abilities that can raise your attributes, damage, defense, and inflicted status effects are granted by crystals.

Crystals can be strengthened further by being combined. You can also take the crystal you placed on it off if you switch to better equipment.

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