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Chained Echoes: How to Recruit Raphael

Obtain Raphael to have a tankier character in your party.

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Chained Echoes How to Recruit Raphael 1

In Chained Echoes, your party can grow as you progress through the main story and recruit new members. Some are simply given to you, while others require you to complete a side quest.

Among these individuals is Raphael. He is excellent with great swords and can deal physical light damage. He can even summon spirits that can attack or restore TP.

Like Egyl, he serves as a tank. We compiled this guide to assist you in gaining access to him.

A Will to Live

A Will to Live

Source: RPG Division

Complete the side quest “A Will to Live” in Iden to recruit Raphael. The only time this is possible is in Act 4.

A Will to Live 1

Source: RPG Division

You can obtain the quest by going to Fiorwoods and teleporting to this crystal. There is a tavern just next to the teleport crystal. Enter the building to begin your mission.

A Will to Live 2

Source: RPG Division

Finding Arlette should be your first task. As shown in the image above, you will encounter her two times. She will immediately flee from you at your first encounter.

Her next location is in a small cabin.

After successfully locating Arlette twice, you should travel to this spot in the Kortara Mountain Range.

Controlling Raphael

Controlling Raphael

Upon reaching the location in Kortara Mountain Range, you will have to control Raphael. This is the last phase of the side quest.

A total of four mushrooms are needed for Arlette, so be sure to look around the cave for them. Mushrooms can be found if you see a patch of grass.

Make it your top priority to avoid enemies. Return to Arlette once you have the required four mushrooms.

Controlling Raphael 1

Once you’ve spoken with her, you can face the monster head-on. When the monster is defeated, the quest is over. After a cutscene, Raphael can now join your party.

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