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Chained Echoes: How to Recruit Mikah

Do this to recruit Mikah the Martial Artist

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Chained Echoes How to Recruit Mikah

In Chained Echoes, allies are spread all around Valandis. Some of these allies will be given to you automatically, while others will require you to accomplish a side quest.

We’ll show you how to get Mikah, one of the allies you can recruit by doing a side mission.

Recruiting Mikah

Source: RPG Division

As a skilled martial artist and a person of immense strength, Mikah is more than capable of holding her own on the battlefield. She has both single target and AOE skills.

She is also the granddaughter of Tomke. Tomke is also one of the allies you can recruit, and you need to obtain him before you get Mikah.

Once you finish the side quest “The Food, the Chap, and the Hungry”, obtain Tomke, and reach Clan Rank 3, you can get the side quest to recruit Mikah.

For the Love of Food

Clan Rank 3 1
Source: RPG Division

You can start the side quest “For the Love of Food”  by going to the tavern on the west side of Hermit’s Isle. Once you enter the tavern, a cutscene will start the sidequest.

For the Love of Food
Source: RPG Division

Mikah escapes to the Ograne Grottos once the cutscene ends. Your map should lead you to where you can find Mikah.

Before you may enlist Mikah, you’ll have to watch a cutscene in which you meet a Megaloworm and then track it down.

Ograne Grottos
Source: RPG Division

You should visit the inn in Rockbottom, also known as the largest structure in town. Go to the third floor, and speak with the NPC to the right of the innkeeper to learn more about the Megaloworm.

Source: RPG Division

The mission will direct you to the Kotara Mountain Range where the Megaloworm will eat you after you speak with him.

Kotara Mountain Range
Source: RPG Division

Proceed further inside the Megaloworm; once you’ve escaped, Mikah will be available for recruitment.

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