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Chained Echoes: How to Max Out All Characters and Sky Armor Skills Fast

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Chained Echoes How to Max Out All Characters and Sky Armor Skills Fast

In Chained Echoes, you can choose from the 14 playable characters in the game. Each of them has its own unique set of skills and abilities, both active and passive. However, to utilize them properly and more efficiently, you have to wait for them until they are fully leveled up.

Aside from that, you will also eventually unlock the Sky Armor which you can summon and use on command. These sky armors also have their own set of stats and skills that you can upgrade.

That being said, we made this guide to help you max out both your characters and sky armor quickly.

Max Out All Characters and Sky Armor Skills Fast in Chained Echoes

Max Out All Characters and Sky Armor Skills Fast in Chained Echoes


As you progress in your journey in CHained Echoes, you will eventually meet and encounter stronger enemies and more complicated situations that need high-level units.

That being said, you and your characters must work hard altogether to be able to level up quickly and unleash the hidden potential of each character.

To help you with that, we will be using a strategy called SP grinding.

SP Grinding

SP Grinding


The first thing and most obvious thing that you can do is to grind your SP.

SP is needed by your characters in order for them to level up. You can obtain it every time you take down monsters. That being said, the most common way to grind SP is to defeat monsters.

In fact, there are specific map locations where monsters spawn. Leaving and reentering this area will cause the monsters to respawn quickly. That way, you can farm more SP by defeating them again and again.

SP Grinding 1


One of the best locations is unlocked after you finally obtain your Sky Armor. To get there, go to the southern part of Basil Town in the Rohlan FIelds.

Around this area, you will unlock a fast travel point. Upon heading north, you will see a spawn location of pigears.

Once you defeat these monsters, you can leave this area and go back right after to respawn the enemies. Do it repeatedly until you have already maxed out the skills that you are aiming for.

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