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Chained Echoes: Glenn’s Mind Puzzle Guide

Use the fragments to complete the puzzle.

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Chained Echoes Glenns Mind Puzzle Guide

In the main story quest of Chained Echoes, you will find Glenn in a coma. Glenn is the leader of the Crimson Wings and is a part of your main characters.

To wake Glenn up you must go inside his mind and put the pieces back together. Inside his mind, you will encounter a puzzle that has fragments in it.

We made this guide to help you solve Glenn’s Mind puzzle.

Solving Glenn’s Mind Puzzle


Source: RPG Division

Inside Glenn’s Mind, there are three Fragments.

  • Beach – makes a path that allows you to travel up and down
  • Dungeon – makes a path that will enable you to travel sideways
  • Ship – makes a path that will allow you to travel sideways

You must use these fragments to traverse through his mind.

Solving Glenns Mind Puzzle

Source: RPG Division

The first fragment you receive is the Beach fragment. Remove the fragment first.

Solving Glenns Mind Puzzle 1

Source: RPG Division

After removing the fragment, head northwest, then insert the Beach fragment into the slot.

Head up, and you will encounter a Flying Eye. Defeat this and continue up. You will find your following fragment, the Dungeon fragment. Before you remove it, go to the left first and open a chest to obtain 2 Sweets.

After removing the Dungeon fragment, go back to where the Beach fragment was and remove it. Head southwest and insert the Dungeon fragment.

Solving Glenns Mind Puzzle 3

Go to the left, then remove the Dungeon fragment once you reach the other side. Head northwest, insert the Dungeon fragment, then cross to the other side.

Getting the Final Fragment

Go north, and you will encounter a Flying Nose. Defeat it, then remove the final fragment that you need, the Ship fragment.

Getting the Final Fragment

Return to where you inserted the Dungeon fragment and remove it. Insert a Ship fragment, then head southwest. Insert the Dungeon fragment, then go to the left. After crossing, retrieve the Dungeon fragment.

Getting the Final Fragment 1

Go northeast and cross the path that the Ship fragment created. Then insert a Beach fragment. Maintain heading north and insert a Dungeon fragment once you find a slot.

To find the Ship fragment, head left and continue the path. Remove it, then return to where you initially inserted the Dungeon and Beach fragments and take them out.

You’ll locate a chest with Nectar if you go to the southeast. Find a fragment slot by following the path provided. Insert the Beach fragment, then go up. Once you find another slot, insert the Dungeon fragment. Walk to the end of the path, and switch out the dungeon fragment for the ship one.

If you head right, you’ll reach a chest with four meals. Head northwest to find another slot.

Getting the Final Fragment 2

You need to insert the Dungeon fragment and keep going until you reach a purple doorway.

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