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Chained Echoes: Crystal Fusion Guide

Strengthen your Crystals by learning how to fuse them

Romeli Daclizon



Chained Echoes Crystal Fusion Guide

In certain games, you can attach an item to a socket to increase the stats of your equipment. These things are known as Gems or Crystals in Chained Echoes.

These Crystals can be strengthened further via Fusion. We’ll explain how to do it to enhance your character.



Source: RPG Division

Crystals improve a weapon or armor by giving it more passive abilities. They can be effective and vital if you wish to strengthen your party members.

There are four types of Crystals and these are:

  • Status – these Crystals will give bonuses to your attributes or stats.
  • Offensive – these Crystals grant passive skills that enhance physical attacks, magical attacks, or inflict status effects.
  • Defensive – these Crystals grant passive skills that can boost the defense by increasing attributes, resistances, or status effects.
  • Utility – These Crystals grant passive skills that vary in effect.
Crystals 1

Source: RPG Division

There are two types of crystals: natural and artificial. The names of Artificial Crystals are preceded by an asterisk (*). Additionally, they have Rank, Size, and Purity.

Crystals 2

Source: RPG Division

Purity can be found on the lower right of the crystal’s name.

Crystals 3

Source: RPG Division

The grade of the crystal reflects how powerful the passive skill it gives. These are displayed following the crystal’s name in roman numbers, from I to X.

Crystals 4

The crystal’s size varies randomly and may range from 1 to 3. The larger the size, the less effective it may be for slotting because it may take up more slots in your equipment.

Fusing Crystals

Fusing Crystals

The highest level that a naturally occurring crystal can achieve is III. To make it stronger, you must combine it with another crystal. Because of this, all fused crystals are artificial.

Crystal Fusion is a relatively straightforward concept. A rank IV crystal is created by adding two rank I crystals to a rank III crystal.

Fusing requires purity since some of its original purity is lost each time a Crystal is fused. When it reaches 0, you can no longer fuse the crystal. Because of this, the higher the purity of the crystal, the better it is for fusing.

Fusing Crystals 1

Furthermore, only pure crystals can be utilized as fuse crystals. Having a high-purity Crystal as a Base, then a High Rank and a Smaller Size for the Fuse are the keys to efficiently achieving a higher rank.

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